Monday, July 27, 2009

Mowing The Lawn...

I have three lawns. They have grown in quite nicely, adding lovely ambiance and a splash of color to our home.

I have taken full responsibility for my lawns complete with watering, fertilizing and mowing.

Here I am mowing one of them:

See? Whoever said I don't participate in outdoor chores now has photographic evidence of my hard work.

My lawns can grow fast and quickly get out of control:

It's kinda like having a chia-lawn. It's quite fun giving my chia-lawn a mowing. More like a haircut.




  1. HA! I was like "wow, I am so envious of her green thumb" :) As my husband was so affectionately describing me to my sister: "If you give your plants even a glance, you pay more attention to them than Liz does hers". Thanks, hun.

  2. i would take yours over ours anyday. Not that I do anything to help out lawn over here...nope, don't think so!

  3. Do you just sprinkle lawn seed in a bucket of dirt? Cuz seriously, they're... cute. I think perhaps a little patch of lawn on my counter might be lovely.


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