Friday, July 24, 2009

Precious Sunglasses...

Written Wednesday Evening...

I was all in a tizzy this morning because I lost my sunglasses.

Under the guise of picking up Bubbalu's swimsuits that I forgot at my In-Law's house I loaded the kids up in the car and drove across town to search for them.

No, I didn't find them at my In-Law's or my parent's house.

No they weren't in my car.

No, they weren't in Lance's car. (And yes, I DID call and bug him at work to search his car for them. As if you really want your dentist to stop mid-drilling to answer a phone call from his wife asking if he has seen her precious sunglasses.)

So I did what was natural and logical. I blamed Bubbalu.

Me, "Bubba, did you take Mama's sunglasses?"

Bubbalu, "Bubba, did you take Mama's sunglasses?"


Me, "Where did you put them?"

Bubbalu, "Where did you put them?"


Me, "Show Mama where you put her sunglasses."

Bubbalu, "Show Mama where you put her sunglasses."


Clearly I was getting through to him.

I searched all his normal stash locations: the toy box, under all the couches, his shopping cart full of cars and behind the computer.

No sunglasses.

I finally grabbed a pair of inferior sunglasses and pouted for the next one or three hours.

Until I found my sunglasses. In my closet.

Oh that's right! I took them off to change my shirt...which means I unnecessarily blamed Bubbalu. Whoops.

I did apologize and told him that Mommy was wrong.

It's important to fess up and apologize to our kids when we do wrong by them. We are their best teachers and they learn by watching and hearing us.

Unfortunately Bubbalu has now learned that lost sunglasses makes for a major Mama freak-out. I'm sure he'll store that bit of information in his "Things That Make Mama Freak" file to pull out and use on an especially boring day...



  1. I found this AWESOME pair of sunglasses at a consignment store- so to me they are irreplaceable- and I thought I lost them one day and almost started CRYING!! Then after making calls to all the places I had been that day, I found them, in my purse! Where I had "looked" like 4 times! Yeah, I have a new purse now!:)

  2. I think I lose my sunglasses at least once a week. Left them at Ande's house not that long ago... :)


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