Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ah, Dear Summer, Where Hast Thou Gone

Ah, dear summer, where hast thou gone?

The summer season is ending soon, is it so horrible to be joyfully anticipating crisp fall nights, hot apple cider, pumpkin pie spices and resplendent trees? The school buses went by today, solidifying the fact that yes, fall IS indeed arriving soon.

I am eager to break out the scarves, hats and gloves and spend more time being cozy inside. Bible Study is starting, sewing projects are needing completion and the summer blooms are slowly fading.

However, we still have a few short weeks left to eke out every last remaining glimmer of summer.

Enjoy the rest of your summer along with me, won't you?



  1. I'm longing for my sweaters right now. Oh, to step outside and actually be cold! Not going to happen for along time here.

  2. I love Summer, but am definitely ready for Fall! Fall is probably my favorite season. Winter I can do without!

  3. We had 162 consecutive days of snow on the ground this past fall/winter/spring, so I am definitely NOT ready for summer to be gone already! Thankfully with homeschooling we can postpone fall a little longer than most families! So yes, I will definitely enjoy the remnants of summer!

    ps - is that a double delight rose? those are my favorite rose! they smell the best!

  4. I can't wait for cooler weather! I am tired of summer clothes. =)


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