Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hello, I Am A Dodo Brain...

I made a set of burp cloths and an iron-on onesie applique for a baby shower gift for a friend a few weeks back.

I used a car and truck flannel which turned out quite adorable.

However, I was SUPER busy trying to whip the last stitches in. Sometimes you're too close to the project, ya know?

I couldn't figure out why all of a sudden it just didn't look quite right:

WHY does my 'C.A.R.' letters applique look like 'CPR'???

DOH! (insert head slap)

Guess SOME dodo brain forgot to reverse the 'a' when freehanding it, backwards, on the reverse side of the third peel off layer of see-through webbing stuck to the wrong side of the fabric which needs to be read correctly.

Clear as mud.

No WONDER I messed up.

No worries, I seam ripped that pesky, rebelliant 'a' off the decal and stitched it back on CORRECTLY.

Tina, I'm sure you never really noticed, but the poor little red, green, orange, blue and half of a yellow car are sadly driving around upside down.

I planned it that way. That way when your little guy wears it he can look down and SEE the cars smiling at him and driving right side up.




  1. That is SO something I would do! :) That's too funny...I'm glad you shared it!

  2. Thanks for sharing....I think the seam ripper and I are best friends! I think the final product is so cute. I've been a lurker for quite a while and have enjoyed stopping by many times! Thanks for the fun posts!

  3. i hate it when i do stuff like that!


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