Friday, October 9, 2009

WallyWorld Therapy...

Quite frankly, it's embarrassing how excited I was to go to WallyWorld yesterday afternoon. I may be getting a touch o' cabin syndrome.

Nothing like the promise of inexpensive bleach spray cleaner and a rock bottom butter price to get yer engine going.

That, and the spray paint aisle. I got tingles.

We're going on THREE weeks of sickness for those under three. While I would hate to complain and seem whiny and weak I do think it bears repeating. THREE WEEKS of being sick.

Despite the THREE WEEKS of being sick, there were some good times in good ole Wallyworld. Thankfully, my Mom was along to run Bubbalu interference while I had Lil Chick in the Bjorn.

First we drooled over adorable dresses, leggings and t shirts for Lil Chick. Next up I picked up some needed fabric for Lil Chick's harvest festival outfit. Yes, it was tulle. No, I won't tell you what color. Hopefully I'll get it done in time, because, THREE WEEKS of being sick has severely cut into my crafting/sewing time.

I'd hate to complain and seem whiny and weak.

Then my knight in khaki's and a button down shirt came and collected the kids so Mom and I could have kid-free shopping - woot! Thanks honey.

Before we hit up the chocolate and munchies aisle, I helped Mom pick out some rocking new duds for the guest bedroom.

This gorgeous new bedding:

The teal is stunning. STUNNING I tell ya.

And we totally ditched the blah beige sheets and switched em out for STUNNING teal.

Mom, I vote for a dark chocolate wall behind the bed with the frame (you know, the large ornate gorgeous one you are hiding from me) spray painted TEAL hanging above the bed.

Not any teal...STUNNING teal.

After all, it's just spray paint. Easily changeable, inexpensive and quick results.

That said, I'm ready to add something like this to my Christmas list:

However it may require an air compressor.

Maybe I can convince my khaki's and button down shirt clad knight to put that on HIS list? Especially since we've been dealing with THREE WEEKS of being sick, we really could use a special treat.

I'd hate to complain...



  1. That tool would really make spray painting even more fun! Wally World is fun when you don't have little babies crying. We are sick at home too.

  2. Oh boy! Just reading THREE WEEKS makes me cringe and long for warm, sunshiney weather! I feel for you. Not that you were complaining or anything . . . Luke had the flu 2x in one month last winter. The second round lasted 2 weeks (yes, that is possible and it wasn't the head cold flu either). I pray your family gets better soon!

  3. LOL!

    Not laughing about the sickness...about your wish list. It's amazing how things change over the years, huh? :)

    Glad you could have some special time at Wallys...I can't remember the last time I was there without kiddos. Oh wait, I can. It wasn't a pleasant experience (how disappointing!) lol...

    Great new blog look, btw!

  4. I love teal. I especially love STUNNING teal. :)

  5. you are FUNNY! and this is the first post i've read on here! hahaha! :) love the bed set and i'm working on 2 weeks being sick right now...hubby doesn't seem to think it's quite that big of deal...despite the fact that my coughing at night also keeps him up! get better! :)



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