Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Yes, That IS An Avocado Stain...

Public Service Announcement.

Yes, I AM going to the grocery store in my present state.

Yes, I WILL be wearing my UW Dental School white hooded sweatshirt with the big green and brown avocado stain on the front.

No, I WON'T be charming and friendly if I happen to run into you.(Not literally RUN into you, however, if I DO RAM your cart that is blocking my view of the assorted chocolate bar varieties, I'll apologize nicely.)

Yes, I AM feeling quite crabbified at this moment.

Yes, my immune system IS on an extended (read: semi-permanent) holiday.

Yes, I am feeling VERY thankful for a Gramma who lives in town.

YES, there is NO SOUP in my pantry.(No soup! No soup for you!)

Must remedy situation with the greatest possible speed and promptness. Grocery store here I come.

You've been warned...


*edited to add: Grocery store run has been completed, no cart-ramming to report*


  1. Well thank goodness for the absence of cart-ramming. Now, did ya find the chocolate?

  2. Thank God I'm not the only one who sometimes looks gross and doesn't feel social while doing errands. Do you also wear a cap?

    That was me today...

  3. I'm ready for an all out paint ball war with the devil....I'm sick and tired of his plans to sicken and frustrate the whole county, that and his stupid idea of a recession...who wants to join me?

  4. I'm feeling kind of thankful I don't live by you right now! =) B/c I have been at the grocery store today. Feel better soon!

    ***P.S.***I love the edited addition at the end =)

  5. Representing the Dawgs, you can do no wrong :) Hope you got all the chocolate you needed!

  6. p.s. stop by my blog for a fun surprise!


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