Friday, November 20, 2009

A Beautiful Court Date...

I was in court today.

For an INCREDIBLE reason.

No no, I wasn't contesting a traffic ticket (never even been pulled over - holla!)

It was for a much more beautiful reason.

Remember my awesome sister Rebecca? Yaknow, the one who had a precious baby girl only three weeks before her newly adopted 6 month old son was brought home from Ethiopia by her husband Dusty?

( psst! You want to see some grown folk cry the Boo Mama coined "ugly cry"? Force them to witness a newly adopted child be brought home and placed into his exuberant and loving new Mamas' arms. Yep, ugly cry. But a GOOD ugly cry.)

Today, I witnessed my Father in court (haven't seen that since I was probably ten), who represented my Sister and Brother in law, as they finalized/re-adopted their sweet baby nephew!

It was an awesome day.

Except when Bubbalu bonked the JUDGE on the nose with the balloon airplane toy he was given right before entering the courtroom.

This Mother? Mortified.

The Judge was cool about it. After all, he's worked with my Dad for many years and has a heart for children. He was wiping away tears with the rest of us.

(Besides, I don't think you can hold a 2 year old in contempt of court.)

Welcome to the family Isaiah! We love you and are honored to be your family.

(psst! And your Auntie Amanda ALWAYS has cookies for you. ALWAYS!)



  1. Congratulations- that's WONDERFUL!!!

  2. Okay, you got me. I cried. ;) Your neice is GORGEOUS... and you are right... her lips are way too cute. :) She makes me want to make cute little dresses, lol. :)

    And her brother is just BEAUTIFUL... that smile at the bottom of the post that you linked is just PRICELESS. Your sisters face in the pic where their family is hugging just made my heart sing. Just a great, great story. My husband is adopted... it is an amazing thing. :) Hugs to you Auntie!!!

  3. A, please tell me you have the judge getting bonked by the toy on film. I want to see that =)

    Congratulations to the whole family!

  4. Praise the Lord!

    just another quick question. have you SERIOUSLY NEVER BEEN PULLED OVER?? geez-oh-pete woman, we MUST go for a joy ride, SPEEDING past the police station! better yet, i'm going to have officer wubben wait, lurking in the shadows, ready to pounce as soon as you coast thru that stop sign! ok, truth be told...i'm jealous. i haven't been pulled over yet least not in 2009!

    i looked for you this morning. i had a check for you. i wore my A-STINKIN-DORABLE (adorable!) pink and mocha flower on my pink coat. lots of great compliments. i'm passing your name on!! :)

  5. "Holla"??? Really??? LOL! Sounds like an amazing day, I wish we could have been there.


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