Thursday, November 19, 2009

Praying For Olive Hope...

I have someone I'd like you to meet.

Meet Olive Hope:

Sweet Olive Hope was born at 28.5 weeks in Chiang Rai, Thailand where her missionary parents, Rusty and Lynette, are spreading the word of Christ Jesus. Rusty was one of my youth group leaders and our church supports Rusty and his wife, Lynette, as missionaries in Thailand. People around the world are praying for this little one as she fights to live.

Psalm 52:8-9 'But I am like an OLIVE tree flourishing in the house of God; I trust in God's unfailing love for ever and ever. I will praise you forever for what you have done; in your name I will HOPE, for your name is good. I will praise you in the presence of your saints.'

You can follow Rusty and Lynette's blog HERE as they chronicle Olive's struggle to live and the challenges they are all facing by being in such a far away country.

I ask that you join me in praying for little Olive Hope as she fights for her life. Grab the HTML code under the button and paste it into an "html code/javascript gadget on your sidebar to spread the news about this precious baby girl.

Want to know more ways you can help?

An auction has been set up to help offset the enormous medical bills Rusty and Lynette are facing. You can:

- DONATE an item/service for the auction. What ever you have to give would be appreciated. What are you talents? Where has God blessed you abundantly? Be creative. Be generous. (information on how to donate on sidebar of link.)

- BID on an item/service from the auction. Bidding starts on November 22! That's in three days! Bidding will run until November 28th. To enter a bid, starting November 22 all you have to do is leave a comment with the amount of your bid. You'll have to check back to see if others have outbid you and submit another bid to win. ( * Hint, there may be a shirt refashion/sassification up for grabs * )

Need more ideas?

- You can make a DONATION to the Olive Hope Care Fund.

- You can leave a NOTE OF ENCOURAGEMENT and SUPPORT for Rusty and Lynette on their blog HERE.

- You can JOIN the Praying for Olive Hope group on Facebook. Updates on Olive's condition are often posted, allowing you to direct your prayers accordingly.

- Pray fervently. We serve an AWESOME and ALL-POWERFUL God who holds Olive Hope in His hand...



  1. If you know anyone that wants to help fry oliebollen we are looking for a few more women to help on December 4. We are using Coleens recipe and frying at the Dutch Treat.

  2. I just saw your website last night on my college friend, Kim Hendrick's, facebook. Now you appear on my cousin's auction. Maybe this is a sign that I need to be bidding on your auction item:) I live in Chicago so I'm glad you say you can do it long distance. I love your stuff - you are really talented!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing! Husband and I will be praying for Olive and her family. I've donated a photo shoot to the auction - hope it helps! Please keep us posted as you get word on her progress!


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