Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Postpartum Tummy In A Two Piece SwimSuit...

I started my online swimsuit shopping today.

Hello motivation!

Maybe I could petition swimsuit merchandisers to photograph their products on postpartum women so I could have an accurate picture of what they would look like on REAL women's bodies. Anyone with me?

Showcasing that hidden tummy smoothing panel and unique shape effects spandex on a size two, nearly six foot tall stunning model doesn't really give a correct example of how this swimsuit will work for me.

I would almost go so far as to say it's false advertising.

Give me an average, just had a baby or two woman and do a before and after front and side shot and then MAYBE I'll consider your product.

Just sayin.

Coming soon, I'll show you some of my top swimsuit picks, but in the meantime, please share what has worked for those of you with postpartum tummies!



  1. Oh man. Good luck. I scored a $10 tugless tank from Lands End on clearance last year (the cup size was labeled wrong.) I love it- high enough where I can bend and chase the kids, and enough oomph to make my 2-baby-body look a little...svelte :) (It gave me a waist!)

  2. Loooove my Lands End tunic top tankini. It has adjustable runching on the sides to hide any amount mommy tummy.

  3. I have the perfect cure! A husband who tells you are stunningly beautiful and that tiny remain of a pooch was what brought one (or two) beautiful child into this world! Works like a charm...and then I strut my stuff in a bikini and don't give a darn! =) You look amazing honestly have nothing to worry about!

  4. i SO agree about false advertising!

  5. Hee Hee! False advertising indeed (not to mention the model's synthetic boobs!). I'm with the ladies above... Lands End's Tankini.


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