Wednesday, January 6, 2010

All I Ask For Is a Sassy Calender...

Dear Costco,

I must say I am disgruntled and disappointed at the 2010 calender selection provided at your local warehouse. I was unable to find one to suit my taste as you are no longer carrying the calender style I have purchased for the last...oh...FIVE years or so. Why aren't you carrying the Mary Engelbreight calender this year? Did you say something to tick her off?

In desperation, (after all, it WAS January 4th already) I purchased the scenic Washington calender. Not that I don't love scenery, I'm just not a fan of scenic picture calenders. I also don't like cat or dog calenders or the top 12 wild game kills in Washington calender.

Today my Mother informed me she has purchased an adorable and SASSY calender that far outshines my scenic Washington calender. She said it was even advertised as being a SASSY calender. They were pretty much thinking of me when they designed it, I'm sure.

What really frustrates me is that she paid $0.49 less than I did for the aforementioned sassy calender that she has in her possession.

Costco, dear Costco, you really bit the big one on calenders this year.

Good thing you redeem yourself with your $1.09 Mocha. Goodness gracious, I'd forgive A LOT worse than shoddy calender selection for a $1.09 Mocha. For example: One day I asked my husband to pick up romaine lettuce from our local warehouse and he said they were ALL OUT of romaine. I about fainted right then and there. Good thing I had a $1.09 Mocha to revive myself with.

Costco, we're still friends. I'm still your biggest fan. Our house is still a product promoting Kirkland Signature billboard.

Let's just do better with your calender selection for 2011, M'kay? Maybe consider carrying a sassy calender for your #1 fan.

Come December I'll be on the lookout, Mocha in hand.

With deepest regard and affection,


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  1. Don't get me started on calendar selections. Last year it was an array of different tractors, yes it was. Don't judge.

  2. You are so funny! I'm currently looking for a sassy calendar too. No luck!


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