Monday, January 18, 2010

Shopping for Toothpick Boy...

I am freshly back from a refreshingly efficient shopping trip. Meaning I was able to cross some things off of my list.

Item #1: Get Destructo Boy some new jeans.

After all, his ankles were starting to get frostbite. It's not such a good look to have come short-wearin' season.

And can I just say? Trying pants on a toddler in a dressing room is NOT my idea of relaxation.
Those dressing rooms ECHO. "Mama, why are you taking my pants off??? Mama, I don't want to try on jeans!!! Let's go home, sound like a good idea???"

And then when I finally gave up on him and had the AUDACITY to try some on for myself, (because of Item #2: Get Mama some new jeans that don't make her look schleppy) he yelled, "Mama, why are you taking your pants off??? Let's go home, sound like a good idea? Mama, stop looking at your buns!"

BIG echo.

Finding pants for my toddler boy is proving a real challenge. Especially when your 33 lb and off the charts height toddler is able to remove his already cinched to the max jeans easily without undoing any snaps, buttons or zippers. He is one skinny little string bean. Kinda like a marshmallow head with a toothpick body.

However, Old Navy once again came through with their regular dark wash jeans, 2 for $22, plus an extra 10% off entire order coupon.

And I almost forgot to mention, I DID find myself some new jeans. I am STINKIN excited.

Perfect fit, perfect wash and on the clearance rack....with an extra 50% off lowest price.

Y'all, I paid $7.25.

Wait! I had an extra 10% off entire order coupon!

Y'all, I paid $6.52.



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  1. It's about time Bubba got some new jeans! =) Glad you found some for yourself too!
    BTW, I talked to Bubba on the phone last night and he was so sweet! Miss you guys already!

  2. Boo-yah! Love getting new jeans on a great sale! You'll be happy every time you wear them!

    You're brave to even bring the little guy shopping with you! I buy several pairs, have the boys try them on at home and then return what didn't fit!

  3. oh that made me laugh about what your little one was screaming out. I guess I might be so lucky to experience that one day with my little guy.

  4. Awesome. You've got guts, taking him with you!

  5. AH HA HA HA! Seriously was laughing out loud! Awesome jeans are the best. So glad you found a pair you like, at a price that's unbeatable! Luke has been asking to go home while we are driving in the car! We will be running errands and he doesn't want to go anywhere. Just wants to go home. ugh. Silly boys.


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