Friday, January 22, 2010

Slacker Window Washing Woman...

It is a uncharacteristically gorgeous day over here at the Vintage Dutch Girl homestead. Beautiful sun shining through my smudged, speckled and fingerprinted windows.

Speaking of windows, I need some help.

I have ginormous windows. So ginormous, in fact, that I have (choose) to custom make all my curtains because this lady isn't shelling out $200+ PER PANEL for extra long and extra wide curtains. Especially when this lady knows how to make her own for a significantly lower amount.

These ginormous windows of ours get dirty...FAST. Smudges, speckles, fingerprints and the leftover residue from using a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to scrub sharpie off the window. I am NOT like my neighbor lady who washes her windows on a weekly basis. Her OUTSIDE GARAGE windows.

Yeah, I know. WEEKLY. I wonder if she's bored? Or maybe she has some serious obsessive compulsive tendencies with cleaning. If so, maybe I should invite her over. We could have some serious cleaning therapy going on over here. And ya know what? I wouldn't even charge for her therapy because I'm nice like that.

I've heard that using vinegar is the best (and cheapest! You know me, I like a good deal. What can I say? I'm a penny-pinching dutch girl. ) window cleaning method. I've also seen some window washing "recipes" that also advise using a drop or two of liquid detergent in your vinegar/water mixture.

So interpeeps, what do you recommend? Do you follow a specific ratio mix for your window washing? Do you use a spray bottle with your mixture? A bucket full of the mix and use one wet rag to clean and one ray to dry?

Seriously, help a girl out...



  1. I've used vinegar, but ammonia works better. I am a penny-pinching, umm, Swedish girl, but thrifty just the same! I can never remember what the dilution should be, but I know some things are a capful per gallon, and some are half and half, so I usually glug enough in to be somewhere in the middle and I call it good enough.

    I do the outsides by filling a five gallon bucket with some ammonia and water, and hitting the windows with a car-wash brush. Rinse with a hose, no need to squeegie, it dries clean and clear!

    Seriously, though. Ammonia. It's fabulous.


  2. Well...I am the same. Cannot remember the last time I washed the windows, lol.

    However, I *do* have a recipe that my Grandma (similar to your neighbor) swears by...WHEN I DO the windows, lol.

    1/2 c. rubbing alcohol
    1 tsp. vinegar
    1 drop liquid dish soap
    Per 1 gal water

    I use a squeege because I'm short (it's telescoping), and because,'s more fun that way! :)

    Have fun! :)

  3. Oops...might be common knowledge, but forgot to mention that the water is hot water. ;-)

  4. i want to see pictures of these ginormous windows:)

  5. I use Shaklee's Basic H. One bottle of their cleaner could last possibly . . . a year. Depending on what you use it for. I use it for everything. Floors, counters, cleaning my carpets, spot cleaning my laundry (my kids WHITE laundry)and of course windows/mirrors. I think the ratio for windows is like one or two drops per 12-16oz of water. And it doesn't have the strong odor like some of the harsher chemicals. I ♥ it!

  6. I use vinegar for all my cleaning...what little of it I actually accomplish! I bought a spray bottle in the garden section at Wal-Mart. I think it holds 28 oz. So I put in 14 oz. of water, 14 oz. of vinegar, and 12-15 drops lavender oil (it's anti-bacterial). I use it for sinks, tub, toilet, floors (de-oderizing, for potty-training mishaps) and, on rare occasions, windows. It has always worked great for me.

  7. P.S. I combine my all-purpose cleaner with baking soda for the tub, sink, and toilet.

  8. I was washing my dainty windows the beginning of WINTER (for adoption photos,lol) and only made it around one side of my house, but oh well. I used a bucket and one wet and one dry rag. I hear vinegar water is amazing, but I honestly don't remember what I was using. I've had a weeeeee bit going on in this head of mine! =) Best of luck, I would NOT want to be in your shoes right now! =)

  9. I think you should scrap the idea of cleaners, and just invite your neighbor over. If that doesn't work out, I've always had good luck with half vinegar half water too.

  10. I've tried it all,but now I get the professional window cleaner at "Northwest Professional's" ? Whatever that place is on the Lyn/Birch Bay road next to Wiser Lake Furniture. Got my squeegee's there too. Love them. Worth the investment. I live in the county, near fields and have/should wash my windows a lot!!!! Works great!

  11. You mean you are supposed to clean your windows? Oops.

  12. I use (almost daily b/c my kids like to lick the sliding glass door) the Basic H2 cleaner from Shaklee. I use about 2 drops per pint in a spray bottle.
    It comes in a 16 oz or 64 oz (!) bottle. I use it to clean the whole house!

  13. Using a squeegee is the only way to go. My solution is about 3 gallons of water, 2 or 3 tsp's of Dawn liquid dish shop and about 1/2 cup rubbing alcohol. Use a big sponge or window washing mop to soap up the glass, then use a clean towel on your finger tip to wipe a dry line on the sides and top of the glass and then squeegee that window clean from top to bottom. Good luck!


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