Friday, February 5, 2010

The BOYS...

Yeah yeah yeah, I KNOW urine is sterile.

I KNOW bathrooms are the place to empty thyself of urine.

I KNOW toilets are supposedly the place to put the urine INTO.


Can I just say???

Boys are disgusting.

Thank you,



  1. ugh....I know. I'm dreading the day I have to potty train my 1 1/2 year old!

  2. I KNOW!!!! ...and I'm so glad you know. I have two piano students that are brothers- I don't know who does it, but he often aims at the lid instead of the bowl. It drips down behind the seat, and onto the floor...and if it's not that, they NEVER flush. I've talked to their mom a few times, and she just sends an e-mail "Oh, you know how boys are! I'll ask them to stop."

    ICK ICK ICK. What makes it worse is that it's my daughter's bathroom- so far I've always found it first, but what would she do if she walked in and saw it? Or DIDN'T see it? *shudder*

  3. Oh dear daughter in law, sorry for the boys and pee. After raising 4 of my own, and now with 5 grandsons, lets just say...bleach is a blessing!! Me thinks vinyl floors in bathrooms of moms of boys needs to be permanantly banished. My new tile is so much easier to keep nice! How much pee have I wiped up in the last 34 years? Buckets...but boys are such keepers, aren't they??? I LOVE MY BOYS!!! Give that little guy a hug!

  4. ha, i love it... my boy can't aim to save his life and i'm pretty sure it's a genetic thing he gets from his father because i don't think he can aim either! we are potty training and every time i walk into the bathroom that's all i can smell, even after cleaning repeatedly... i hope the smell is just in my head.

  5. Your M-I-L is funny! My son still sits on the toliet, so we don't have many problems. I'm not sure how long I can let him do that.... He's 4. I just started potty training my daughter today and I'm just gonna say that pee is gross. And I don't like dumping it, but I don't like diapers even more.

  6. My dog won't even drink out of the toilet that boys use!

  7. I feel your angst! I thought I had one boy toilet trained but noooo, somehow it always goes over the bowl to the floor at the back!
    And poor Myrnie! They're not even her own children!

  8. I'm not potty training...but I am cleaning a lot of pee off the ground from the whole airing-off-the-diaper-rash-buns. yuck.

  9. Hey Now Now that's a little harsh coming from a woman who has 5 boys (just rember one of these boys may one day sweep lil chic off her feet and treat her like a Queen)

    Anyway yes their bathroom habit are a little atrocious but they are trainable. Aftre one week of making my boy clean their own urine off the floor they were much better with their aim.


  10. And this is the reason that my parents "trained" my brother to sit down to pee at home...and especially at other people's houses! I don't care how good their "aim" is. The stuff splatters when it hits the water. My sister has her boys sit down to pee too. Who says they have to stand?! If they want to stand, they can find a tree, or a public toilet, 'cause we don't wanna sit on those things anyway. I love the boys in my family, but I don't love their pee ;)


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