Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Who's Who Who?

Remember Wally the Whale? No?

OK, here ya go:

We liked Wally the Whale. He was a cute addition to the kiddos sparsely decorated bathroom.

Yes, I AM using the past tense.

I bought an adorable new shower curtain for the kiddos bathroom at Tarshay':

And have I actually hung it up? Of course not. Did I actually remember to purchase shower hooks? Of course not. I may improvise with coordinating ribbons and just tie it on. Currently it's just thrown over the shower curtain rod in a big heap aquiring even MORE wrinkles. Lovely.

I had the hardest time finding with a shower curtain in their bathroom that was TRULY gender neutral and, ya know, was adorable.

Sadly, Wally the Whale was greatly confused.

"Uh, I thought this was an oceany-type of bathroom, but all I'm seeing are trees, squirrels and owls. What's going on here? I'm feeling out of place!"

Yes Wally, you ARE out of place.

Buh bye Wally.

And yes, we're all sad about that....

... but Hello Who Who!

Yes, Bubbalu named it Who Who. Not Hoot hoot like I had hoped he would name him/her/it but Who Who. Whatever.

To create Who Who I repurposed an already thrifted and repurposed frame and dug into my scrapbook paper stash. I copied the trees and owl from the shower curtain and just freehanded it onto scrapbook paper and cut em out.

The background is muslin fabric which gives it a bit more texture (like you can even see it, sheesh. I would LOVE to upgrade our camera...and maybe actually read the directions on how to use it. That might be helpful?).

Welcome to our home Who Who. Be warned, we have a high destruction per decorative object ratio in our home. I do hope you survive for more than a week or so. You're too stinkin cute...



  1. Oh my goodness. I bought that same exact shower curtain for my kiddos bathroom because I too like the gender neutral aspect of it (in addition to being stinkin' adorable). I was really disappointed in their lack of coordinating stuff. LOVE that you made the tree and own into a picture. Any plans on selling those on Etsy (hint, hint)? LOL :-)

    ~ Lacie

  2. Who Who IS too stinkin' cute, but I hope Wally has found a new home. Cuz he was too stinkin' cute too.

  3. Oh- you're right! So stinkin' cute! I love Who Who... well, aside for the name... haha!

  4. Lovin' the new shower curtain! Mucho adorable!

  5. Super cute, of course! :) Tell Bubba I love the name Who Who. ;-)

  6. That is the cutest shower curtain ever! I want one!!

    Your owl is adorable too.

  7. Fantastic shower curtain! Whos who is WONDERFUL!


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