Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Kate Shirt...

A sweet friend commissioned me to sassify a plain gray t shirt for her. She gave me some general guidelines, then said, "Well, do whatever you think".

I LOVE those words.

I wanted to create a design that melded together a few inspirational ideas, such as the Flower Patch Tee from JCrew:

Here's what happened to that plain, boring gray t shirt:

Dimensional (but not TOO poufy) flower swirls with petal detail:

Think of it like a permanent but casual corsage:

I loved sassifying this t-shirt. This one took a bit of hemming and hawing on my part before starting. Often I have to sit and stare at a project for a while before inspiration finally, belatedly, hits.

Inspiration for the Kate Shirt hit right in the middle of a week long puke and poop fest of the littles. I was going slightly crazy and it was a PERFECT mental vacation to be able to escape to the craft room and start sewing.

(*sigh*) I love sewing therapy...


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  1. LOVE the t-shirt!
    And I LOVE sewing therapy too!

  2. Hopefully you sprayed it first with Febreeze so it didn't smell like your weeklong "escapade". :) Just kidding! LOVE the shirt, fun design!

  3. Beautiful shirt! I will have try this one.

  4. Great job, Amanda! I like that the flowers are a little more "conservative", by being sewn in/down a little more...don't know what I'm saying, but I know what I'm trying to say! lol

  5. That looks great! How did you find fabric that perfectly matched to make the flowers? Was it a maternity shirt that you down sized? I love your shirts, and I'm gonna make me something sassy one of these days.


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