Thursday, April 8, 2010


I finally found the perfect chair to go in the corner of our newly painted bedroom. I am picturing a quiet little reading nook, complete with a small side table for the books I'm reading, my Bible and my coffee to sit on. Oh, and an ottoman. Gotta have the feet up and resting. It's good for your circulation, ya know.

Also, It's a perfect color match to our Dwell Studio Perch bedding:

Don't I make my bed so very nice and smooth? I iron it every morning. And then I iron and starch the pillow shams, making them stand on end. If that doesn't work (it usually doesn't) , I hot glue them to a steel frame to keep their shape. Gotta keep your shams in shape.

This beautiful new chair will also nicely go with our Intense Marathon Teal blue wall.

You wanna see it? OK, here you go:


As in, a not attainable swoon.

Anthropologie, you're killing me here...


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  1. oh yeah...that's pretty! how are you at reupholstering! :)

  2. I heart almost everything from Dwell Studio. Tres Chic. Looooove that chair. I'm sure you could find a knock off fabric somewheres. So when are we actually going to see some pictures of your new teal room?

  3. Anthropologie always kills me. Ugh. I still say we need a picture of your bedroom, finished or not! I want to swoon over THAT! =)

  4. Yeah... I found a lot of knobs/hardware I like... and each piece is like, $35. Let me say that again: EACH PIECE is $35. :)

  5. Everything I like is too expensive :) I feel your pain. Gorgeous chair, gorgeous bed {hot glue and pillow shams . . . never would've guessed!} :)

  6. I sit in those orange chairs whenever I go to Anthropologie and hope that it's markdown to a price I could afford.. never happens lol


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