Friday, May 21, 2010

Wearing Tomato Cages And Eating Dirt...

I FINALLY got my garden in earlier this week. It was a glorious weekend and my seeds would have germinated...had they been in the ground on time. Oh well, at least they are in now!

Bubbalu helped me pot and stake the tomatoes while Daddy worked on building a gate:

("Look Mommy! I'm a ROBOT SPACESHIP!!!")

I'm hoping that tomato production and consumption will be good this year. Well, as long as my Tomato Bandit leaves them alone, that is.


Lil Chick was nearby and discovered that she was VERY fond of the potting soil and "helped" me plant my pots:

("Hey Mommy, this brown stuff is F.U.N. to play with! It looks like chocolate cake, but doesn't QUITE taste like it. But that's OK, I'll still eat it.")

* Did you happen to spot a chair revamp in the background? I honestly forgot to post about it. Will post it soon!*

The kids have been LOVING being outside in the sunshine. Mommy has been loving it too. The perfect kind of day for lunch on the deck:

Little did I know Bubbalu would steal Lil Chick's sandwich when I went back inside. Oh, the brotherly love...


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  1. I finally got our garden finished too, can't wait for it to start growing! And my two older ones try to pawn off their sandwiches to my youngest and try to tell me they ate their whole lunch!

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one, I finally got my garden planted *ahem* yesterday. We're just spreading out the crops to a later season, right? ;)

  3. I'm still working on my garden...I think I got half of it planted. And UGH it already needs weeding!

    I'm STILL jealous of the kids chairs, they are too cute!!!

    Speaking of cute did you see Lil Chick's SMILE in that pic?!?! ADORable!!!

  4. I haven't actually visited your blog in so long. I can't believe how big your little ones have gotten. I didn't even recognize them!

  5. Where did all that sun go???! I STILL have stuff to plant...unfortunately, I don't like digging in the mud. ;-)


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