Monday, June 14, 2010

Melikes the Teal...

Melikes the teal. A bit of a teal obsession going on over here. It's my new neutral. If a shockingly bright color can be considered a neutral!?

According to one of the definitions for neutral includes:

Matching well with many or most other colors or shades.

And because I DO match it will most other colors and's my new neutral. See? I'm not completely out of it. Just half way, right?

Anywho, many of you know I painted an accent wall in my boudoir a lovely teal shade. Except I never provided photographic evidence. Mostly because I am in need of an upgraded camera to replace my current non-correct color depicting camera, but anywho.

Here's what my bedroom looked like pre-painting. In a 'bed pushed to the center of the room and stuff piled on it so I can paint' arrangement:

The new color? Intense Marathon:

I showed the paint sample to my hubby and he raised his eyebrows and gave me the "you are a nut job" look. I kinda like it when he gives me that look.

Anywho, new accent paint on back wall, said adios to the non-matching red-brown sludge and new bedding and we now have:

(Yup, that is a cluster of three teal VintageDutchGirl fabric flowers on my accent pillow. Super easy way to dress up a pillow.)

(Goodness gracious I need more decor. And to lose those lamps - blech. Oh well, they were garage sale under $4.00. No biggie.)

Ahhhh. So much better.

Still not done yet.

Need to convince the hubby that I can paint the bed frame white.

Need to get new lamps.

Need some orange/persimmony ruffly accent pillow goodness.

All things on my list.

I DID have extra paint laying around....and once I get the painting stuff all set up I tend to go a little nutso.

I made this cute little side table for my front porch with scraps left over from our gate building
project. Yep, I used our chop saw and drill all by myself...and I LOVED it. Yep, I'm a woodworker's daughter through and through:

(Drat, those stupid chairs. I keep forgetting to post them. Ok, this picture will be the intro. See those chairs? I'll post Chapter one this week. Sound good? Ok. Oh and look at that dorky photographer in the window. Hasn't she ever heard of a reflection before? Sheesh.)

Anywho, it was boring. So, it got the good ole Teal treatment:

(Powered by diet coke, of course.)

And while the paint was out I hunted in the garage and house for things needing a little spunk of color. Grabbed a few more things and got to painting:

Yes, those are my garden stakes. Pictures to come soon.

Yup yup yup. Melikes the teal...


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  1. I love how the colors go from "Spooning" to Quiver" to "Intense Marathon". Way to make it sound fun and a little naughty...

    It was great meeting you for real today! We definitely have to get the kids together this summer. :)

  2. I heart teal :) Your teal is just fabulous and now most of the things in your house are too! can't wait to hear about the chairs!!

  3. Those other colors are Democrats anyways! Nice choice....Jade's room was repainted from 2 failed "lime greens" to a terribly boring color called "turquoise" which is FABULOUS!! And my painter works for cookies...sweet! Amy Sterk

  4. Hahaha...maybe I should have READ all your posts before I commented on the porch one! Oh well! ;)


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