Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Outdoorable Chair ReVamps...

I purchased these two disgusto reject dining room chairs at the Goodwill last October. Yep, It's only taken me EIGHT MONTHS to finish these...and remember to post them.

They were 7 bucks each. Not too bad:

Isn't that stained fabric hideous?

Blech! Off it came and into the trash.

Next up a good ole sanding and priming:

Next up: I spray painted it black. However, despite a good sanding and priming the paint bubbled, crackled and in general ticked me off.

So much so that I ignored them for a good LOOOONNG time with the hope that they would miraculously refinish themselves in the back of my garage.

Didn't happen.

So I changed my mindset on these babies and decided that they will be proudly sportin' the distressed on purpose look and residing on my porch.

What to do to protect the new cute fabric that was purchased to cover the seat cushions that is NOT outdoor fabric?

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.

Haul your batookie over to Jo-Anns and purchase some clear Vinyl. It is sold by the yard in the way back behind the home decor fabrics. I think it cost me under $3.00 for a 56 inch or wider yard. Plenty.

Stapled the vinyl right over my chairs seat pads and perfecto! Outdoorable goodness:

See the sheen? That's the vinyl. It kinda puffs a bit when I sit down but that keeps me humble. It's rainproof and ready to go.

Ah yes, such an improvement from beige and disgusting:

A perfect place to sit and have some coffee with a friend:

Love these chairs.

I'm still working on my porch redecorating project. I finally finished planting my flower pots and baskets and am now brainstorming for more outdoorableness for my porch.

I'll keep you posted...


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  1. These are cute! I love giving old items new life. :)

  2. Love 'em! I have some cute oil cloth that would work great for that, now if I could just find the right chairs!

  3. Love the you know. But I think these pics need some updating b/c I noticed YESTERDAY when I drove up to your house that that cute little table is now TEAL! Yummeroo! Anywho...hope that my next trip to JoAnn's find me some vinyl. I still can't believe our super-sized JoAnn's didn't have it and yours did. Lame!


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