Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Decoration Constipation...

WOW! Check you all out!

Can I just say? It was a JOY to read each and every comment (42 so far!) from the last post. It was so nice to meet so many readers! I KNEW you were out there :) It makes me want to blog more. To ask more questions. To post more projects. To ask for advice. To create more. Ya know, the usual.

I've been under the weather with a nasty summer sinus cold/infection thingy....yet I spent all my down time on the couch thinking up new sewing patterns, decor dreams and painting ideas. So while my body relaxed, my mind did NOT.

I often have a hard time shutting down the crafty side of my brain. It often goes 40 miles per minute (MPM) and doesn't stop when I need to rest. Walking through a fabric store or garage sale ramps it up to 100 - 200 miles MPM on an average day. If someone is with me? 300 MPM, easy.

Funny thing is, I often have more ideas for other people than for myself. My sweet sister-in-law recently asked me about a bathroom decor sprucing up and freshening and the ideas came ZING! ZING! ZING! at me.

Yet for myself? I don't know.

I have a hard time committing to new paint. To a new style. To a new shower curtain for goodness sake.

Yet when I hesitate, and hem and haw, then see my ideas elsewhere or other fabulous rooms that I KNOW I could have created I am frustrated with that uncertainty and inability to commit.

While blowing my nose for the hundredth time yesterday I started thinking about what holds me back.

1. I'm a penny-pincher. And I love to do things thriftily. It if looks great, was also a craft project and is inexpensive I'll get more joy out of it than running into Target and filling my cart with instant-decor items. Not that Target isn't wonderful, don't get me wrong. I just need more of myself infused into my home.

2. We bought a BRAND new home. A brand new, already painted "interior design" colors. Colors that I don't particularly care for. Including a dark yellow beige that is EVERYWHERE.... even the ceilings. If I change a wall color I also have to paint the ceiling....HUGE project. I need to get over that.

3. I don't trust my instincts. I tend to hold back when I think something will look good. I want other's approval first. A social green light so to speak. Not necessary.

4. I get intimidated. Hello design blogs, HGTV and magazines. A woman can have body image issues thanks in large part to media involvement. So too my home decor image issue is also media related. Media can be inspiring. Intriguing. Just don't let it intimidate you.

There. Those are some of the reasons why I am design/decor constipated. Think they make a anti- decor design constipation pill? Nope, didn't think so.

OK, big breath.

Time to start implementing my ideas.

Watch out, it's bound to get messy...


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  1. Well then only way you are ever going to know if you made a mistake is to try it in the first place! WE all know you have great style, so let yourself go and trust your insticts. Even the mistakes that have cost me and I had to live with for a while I don't regret b/c it taught me what not to do the next time and made me even MORE confident the next time around. Give it ago...just like the waist-cinching belt...I know I'm right on this one! ;) Love ya girl! ....and can't wait for camping! ;)

  2. bleh sorry about the summer cold! I had one recently that turned into a sinus infection. (thank you pregnancy)You do have an awesome design sense but I can relate to your hold ups too. I still feel like I have to ask my Mom before I do something new in my house. hahah.

  3. I'm right there with you. I'm a military wife and we seem to move every year-- yielding lots of new homes, and lots of decorating issues. I love the challenge, but hate it at the same time.

  4. The funny thing is - the last house I couldn't even commit to painting an accent wall. With the move to this house I chose a fabric I love and had it painted to coordinate before we moved in and I still love it! Dusty yellows,sage green and olive green, coral and plants outside to match the inside. Everywhere I look - it's me and I feel great! Go for it - you will love whatever you do or change it!

  5. I have been there with the beige ceilings too! It is so irritating. Painting ceilings is the worst. I love your decorating projects. Want to come inspire my house? We have been here over a year and still have unfinished rooms. Ugh.

  6. You have a great decorating sense! I am so jealous when I read your blog. I know exactly what you mean, though. I have lived in my house for over a year, and we still haven't hung anything on the living room walls. I tackled the bedroom first, because I figured if I hated it, no one would really see it. The thing is, I don't hate it. I really love it, but I'm still hesitant to start in the living room.

  7. I can relate...I either can't decide what to do. And, as a result, do nothing. Or, I just slap something up because I get tired of trying to make a decision and then don't like it after a few days. This is especially true for me when it comes to paint colors. I love finding garage sale treasures and I want everything to have significance in my home but I also want it done RIGHT NOW! Hard to balance! :)

  8. I would love some of that creative mind unleashed at my house. Since you are unable to do it at your own house you might as well go elsewhere...

    p.s. aren't you glad I left I comment...I know you love that :-)


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