Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sumpin' Pretty to Sit On...

As requested by my cousin Amy, meet my fave floral upholstered side chair, Josette:

Isn't she fab? I've been waiting for her to go to 75% off for a good year or so since I first spotted her. So far it hasn't happened but ya never know.

And of course, I love the Lola Chair too:

Pretty sure this Robin's Egg colored print chair would look great in my teal and persimmon bedroom:

Ahhh, me loves some great fabric prints. Which of the above would YOU choose for your home and for which room?


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  1. I love the second one! It looks like it would match in my living room!!

  2. I really like them all, but the second one would look good in my living room. I would put one of the others in a bedroom but the rooms are to small for anything other than the bed and dressers.

  3. I love the first one and I would put it anywhere (if I had the room, which I don't:) Something about the fabric and the turned legs:)Let me know when you get that 75% off deal:)


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