Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ta-Ta Level Determiner...

I LOVE me some Mod Cloth. Talk about inspirational. Not to mention unique. I usually get the sewing itchies after I check out their new dress listings.

For Example, check out this ruffled, pleated goodness:

and this delicious one:

Doesn't this one beg for a summer picnic shindig? Complete with a lattice-topped home made cherry pie and some sassy bright red shoes:

And then there's my all time fave, the Pin-up Dress:

But I must admit I burst out laughing when I saw this one. Yes, I REALIZE it's supposed to be the number Eighty me it looks like a ta-ta level determiner shirt.

Meaning, you put the shirt on and can easily decide where your ta-ta's are typically residing in their current state:

Easily determine if your ta-ta's are in the 1, 2, 3, or 4 level bracket... or(gasp!) beyond the brackets altogether.

Yup, thinking I'm OK not knowing which bracket level my ta-ta's are in...


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  1. Ooooo...thanks for sharing some sewing inspiration! ;)

  2. who in the world would buy that shirt?! The pin up dres is my favorite! Can't wait to get my waist a year or so. :-(

  3. Those look like huge earrings! Guess that could be the next best thing to actually piercing?? Amy

  4. Ha, ha..thanks for the laugh! LOVE the other dresses. So wish I could try them on and have a fun event to wear one to.

  5. I love, love LOVE the top one with the ruffles and pleats!! So pretty!!

  6. Haha at the "88"! Thanks for the reminder about modcloth. Great inspiration.

  7. No way.... That's a terrible, TERRIBLE, terrible shirt!!! But I like that website...they have a whole category called "ruffle". Gotta love that. I want to see more of your refashions!!!


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