Friday, August 13, 2010

Black Edged Ruffle Tank Tutorial...

I'm loving my new Black Edged Ruffle Tank (or BERT for short) :

BERT pairs well with a casual denim skirt and snazzy flip flops. Yes, I wear bedazzled flip flops. Don't judge me.

So, ya wanna make one for yourself??? OK, here's the tutorial:

RUN to the nearest Walmart and pick up some of their Faded Glory tank tops that are now on sale/clearance for only $3.50 each. Confessions of a revampaholic: I just bought seven of them. SEVEN.

OK, you have your simple tank. You also need an old t-shirt to create the ruffles. I chose a flimsy tank (one on the left) that I never wore. Pretty sure it was a garage sale find:

Chop it up into three long strips....about 2 - 4ish inches wide by 10 - 20ish inches long, varying in width as you go. This project is extremely if you are a fly by the seat of your pants crafter, this project is for YOU. Here are my three oblong strips:

Use a rolled hem stitch in a contrasting thread along both short sides and one long side of each strip. Me? I chose black:

Baste (or use a loose gathering stitch) along the remaining unstitched long side 1/2 inch from the edge on all three strips. Hold on to the top thread and pull the bobbin thread to ruffle those up nicely.

Drape the widest strip along the tank top neckline and adjust the ruffles to fit to your taste. Layer #1:

It's already lovely but let's up the sassy factor, shall we?

Add the next widest layer and again adjust the ruffles as necessary:

Getting there!

Add the last and thinnest strip to complete the look:

Va va VOOM!

Finish adjusting the ruffles and pin all three layers to the tank top neckline:

Sew along your basting stitch to attach all three ruffly strips to the tank neckline leaving the raw edges out.

You are done! Throw on that lovely BERT tank and accessorize:

And yes, use a duckie peeking out from behind your rear. If that's not accessorizing I don't know what is...


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  1. Love this!!! Can't wait to try one myself!!

  2. I LOVE this, of course...but I have to admit I'm a little sad that you cut up that cute tank!

  3. This is so pretty, and how clever of you to use the contrasting sewing on the edge to make it pop! I will have to try something like this. Don't have that nice flat stomach so I will pass on the walmart tanks :(

  4. Love this. Love the black sitching!


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