Monday, October 4, 2010

NIKE Travel Rule and Airportin It...

Wonder where I was? Yeah, I know I shoulda set up some posts but I decided to instead pack our bags, do laundry and not leave our house in shambles.

Yup, we are freshly back from a family vacation.

And I cannot, CANNOT leave my house for a vacation with dirty dishes in the sink, junk on the counters and dirty laundry. Just can't do it. It's my opposite NIKE Travel rule.

Just Can't Do It!

I know how yucky I'll feel coming home from vacation with tons of luggage spewing forth their dirty contents all over my already dirty house.

Then the producers of Hoarders start leaving me messages.

Not good.

So, in an effort to avoid being on a reality television show highlighting my extremely messy ways, I decided to clean, do laundry, wash dishes and pack instead of blog.

Forgive me?

OK, let's do some quick vacay recap posts.

First day: We woke up our lil firecrackers before the crack of dawn, force fed them some breakfast and got to our local airport by seven AM.

We hauled everything in and got in line to check in. And by "we" I DO mean Lance. He's such a great hubby:

Yes, that would be TWO Britax car seats (Oh my GOODNESS they are heavy) one medium size suitcase and a stuffed to the brim backpack with Bubbalu's pillow strapped to it. And he didn't even break a sweat.

I chose to help by filling out eleventy hundred of those little name tag thingys that make me slap myself silly for not taking address labels along. Or for having permanent tags. I purchased a new set of luggage a week before this trip so I didn't have a chance to do that at home. Hmm, future craft project idea brewing...

COULD NOT BELIEVE how zany this child was at SEVEN in the morning:

I was slightly concerned how this whole trip was going to work out.

Bubbalu wore his adorable froggy backback stuffed to the, well, what USED to be gils when he was a baby tadpole backpack,with match box cars, stickers, crayons and other random kid diversionary items.

Being that this was the kiddos first time flying they were super excited to watch airplanes take off and land:

However instead of boarding our flight....they canceled it. Excellent.

We frantically called my Dad to last minute drive us the 2.5 hours to SeaTac and recollected our substantial luggage which we threw into Lola the second Dad rolled up and tore outta there trying to make it on our connecting flight.

Which we missed boarding by one minute.


They will not allow check-in within 30 minutes of the flight's scheduled departure. We arrived 29 minutes til flight departure.

The next flight was only SEVEN hours we booked that one then settled in to spend the day in SeaTac.

SO thankful for the childrens play area they have at SeaTac! Bubbalu ran around and played for a good three and a half hours making tons of friends:

I also walked Lil Chick to sleep in the stroller touring the entire airport...three times. Good think I burned some good calories speed walking because I had a delish seafood fettuccine alfredo lunch at Anthony's that isn't exactly diet food.

Funny thing is, you ask Bubbalu the best memories of the trip and he includes playing on the airplane with the kids at the airport in the top three.

Enough for today. That's right, we haven't even left our state and I've already finished one recap. This could take longer than I originally thought...


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  1. Wow! What a trip! I can't imagine what I'd do missing my flight by one minute. OMG!

  2. I know 100% what you're talking about! Once a flight was delayed - we arrived at the gate of the connecting flight just in time to see them shut the entrance door, and they wouldn't open it for us. Seriously? Yes. I've also toured the airport at powerwalk speed to keep that little one sleeping in the stroller and spent countless hours in the "playground" area while counting the minutes. I have good memories despite the anxiety of the moment!


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