Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Decorating Efficiency...

I spent the greater part of the last three days trying to get my Christmas decor in from the garage and actually set up.

My Christmas Decorating Efficiency was greatly thwarted by a wreath dismantling imp and a giddy Christmas light strand stealer.

Lil Chick is fascinated with wreaths. I can just see the questions in her brain: "WHY in there a big circle on the wall? WHY are those little colored balls stuck to that big circle on the wall? WHY are there some sticks poking into that big circle on the wall?"

And WHAT is the best way to find out about something and how it works? Yes, she dismantled it.

Picture thousands of tiny Styrofoam red berries dotting my carpet and a little girl with a whale-spout ponytail chewing on the end of a curly willow branch.

Like I said, Christmas Decorating Efficiency...ah...Thwartation. Pretty sure that's a word.

As for the budding electrician, we are SUPER CERTAIN that there are light strands with half, a third or the first and last third of the light bulbs burnt out. OR short circuited. Whatever. What I now know is (thanks to the info from my brother-in-law, Wonderboy) I am not supposed to store them in the garage. Which is what I do. Which is why I have issues with my lights. Huh. Shocking. (Stunned silence.)

Our strands of Christmas lights have now been plugged into eight different double light sockets around the living room, connected together in every mathematically possible way and painstakingly examined bulb by bulb by my little wannabe electrician. And to think I was considering putting a Christmas tree in his bedroom!? OK, I may still just do it. Cause it's fun. And he's a kid. And kids should have fun.

I'll be sleeping with a industrial sized fire extinguisher on my nightstand, but hey, kids should have fun...


P.S. For all you delightful lovelies, I have decided to have an indefinitely active Vintage Dutch Girl Etsy shop coupon code for 15% off all orders. Cause you are delightful. AND lovely. Your 15% off coupon code is: FOLLOWLOVE15 . You still have time before Christmas to get some gift shopping in! I have multiples of every scarf ready made and am trying to ship out next day if possible. Happy Shopping!


  1. Or you could be like me and just wait until the kids go to SLEEP! =D

  2. oops, after throwing away about 20 strands of lights, I should have saved them for grandkid entertainment!


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