Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sweet As Sugar...

Quick, Mama's on the phone! She won't hear me sneak a treat!!!

Yup, the sneaked treat of choice is powdered sugar.

Mama said I shouldn't take this saying literally:

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice,
That's what Little Girls are Made

***Edited to Add****

Uh, turned my back for 14 seconds and found her like this:

That's right, putting away butterscotch chips like a professional.

Goodness gracious...



  1. She's already hitting the hard stuff? What a hoot. That's why I keep my sugar and chips up way high in the pantry. Oh, well. She's still adorable, and has to be a bit sweeter, too.

  2. Welcom home!!! She reminds me of my husband!!
    Miss you at Bible Study!!

  3. So cute! I wonder where she gets her sweet tooth from? :)


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