Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Changing Lives, One Flat Iron At A Time...

Raise your hand if you own a flat iron/hair straightener.

Raise you other hand if your flat iron has so much baked on hair stylin' crud you are embarrased to call it yours.

Dont'cha just hate it when your hair straightener shreds and damages your hair? Me too. I have a good four years of hair junk built up on it. So much junk that I was shopping for the best deal on CHI flatirons. Cause they are the best...and I have LOVED my Chi. Until the baked on crud started to affect my mental state.

Girlfriends, I'm about to change your life.

I googled every possible way to safely clean your ceramic flatiron.

So far over the past few months I've tried:

* Washcloth with water and scrubbing flat iron while hot. Lots of steam but no crud-clearing.
* Washcloth with hand soap and water- nada
* Washcloth with shampoo and water-mininal help. My fingers cramped up after a 1/2 hour.
* Qtip with rubbing alcohol- nada
* Qtip with non acetone nail polish remover- nada
* Picking off junk with my fingernail - some help but I put a tiny chip in one section of the ceramic plates - Not good. Not recommended.
* Yelling - nada...but I swear that thing smirked at me.
* Smashing again the counter - once again, not recommended

I'm lying in bed trying to fall asleep and I get one of those bright shiny light bulb AHA! moments. Lay in bed, try to ignore the brilliance of the idea and fall asleep. After all, it IS after midnight and the kids will be up poking my eyeballs at 6 AM.

Doesn't work. Mind is whirling.

Finally sneak outta bed and try my idea out.

Schneikees it WORKS! My going on FOUR year old CHI looks brand-spankin NEW. No joke.

(Well, except for that little aforementioned chip I inflicted.)

Any guesses to what I did?

Two words:


Thank you, Mr. Clean, for once again bringing your A game to the VintageDutchGirl household. Extremely pleased with eraser performance and will definitely be using again in the near future. Thank you for not damaging my wonderful Chi flat iron in the cleaning process.

Only problem is, it's 1 AM and no one to call and celebrate with. Ah well, that's what a BLOG is for, right?! To take one simple little thing and turn it into a full blown conversation.

Alrighty ladies, get scrubbin those flat-irons! Let me know if it worked for ya!

Off to find warm milk and maybe some soothing, sleep inducing chocolate chip cookies...


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*I have been in no way endorsed or compensated for this post by Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Which is too bad, because I'd make an EXCELLENT spokeswoman. I have LOTS to clean*


  1. Oh my goodness!! You're a genius!! My original Chi was left at the Ritz in Tyson's Corner so the one I have is maybe a year old - not too dirty, but I'm going to tuck this away for when I need it.

  2. I've had two flat irons that have gotten a short in the electric cord so while using it it would turn off and on and off again...very frustrating. I wish I had known about Chi irons before I purchased the one I now own. When it dies, I definitely will be checking out this kind of iron. Mine seem to last only about a year and always just past the warranty date... bummer! Thanks for the cleaning tip! Now if you could only give me a tip on how to clean my heat/air register covers. Tried cleaning mine with a toothbrush and scrub pad and put the whole thing in the tub while scrubbing and it still isn't totally clean. Frustrating!

  3. I too have "AHA!" moments at 1am when I'm trying to sleep, I totally get what you mean!! YAY for finding an awesome way to clean our CHIs! I've been Chi-ing for almost 10 years now!

  4. Well, since I've only had mine since Christmas (I know, get with the times), I don't have a build up of anything on it. I will definitely have to keep your miracle cure in mind for the future! :) I actually have more fun doing B's hair than my own (maybe b/c there's much less to do?)...hopefully this thing'll last us for YEARS with how often we do/don't use it! :)

  5. I LOVE Mr. Clean. I would marry him. ha! Well, maybe not marry, but his eraser is the BOMB! Glad to know it takes crud off the CHI! I am sure I will need to do that soon.

    :) Heather

  6. Of course, you wouldn't have to be spending countless hours thinking of HOW to clean the crud off of it if you used the products I recommended in the FIRST PLACE! =D *Insert big, fat cheesy smile* But I love ya anyway! =)


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