Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Jewel Tones...

As a very very dark brunette, my best complimentary colors are those in saturated shades. No light peach for me.

I was browsing online (yes, again. Anything to avoid laundry) and found a few SERIOUSLY drool worthy jewel toned items.

Not a big shock, but I love this deep teal. A great outfit base that you can add funky jewelry, patterned shoes or a sassy cardi or scarf and good to go. I'm thinking tall brown cowboy-esque heeled boots and a wide brown belt - a sexy YEEHAW!!! :


A. Dorable and great for those of us are pear shaped. Just needs red high heels:

Yes, you heard what I said. Red and purple? Uh-huh. Be daring.
(Modcloth. Again)

This piece doesn't need an intro:

(Of course, Modcloth)

And lastly, these made me gasp. Out loud. Guess that would be GOL. Yep, I'd wear these sassy red boots to Church, wouldn't you?:

(You should know by now where to find these)

Drooling yet? I am. Cause I can't justify $218.99 on one pair of boots. Y'all know how cheap and thrifty I am. But DANG those boots are cute.


***Say WHAT? New posts added to my Facebook activity feed? Shut the front door! ***


  1. Where is that first dress from? I wonder if it might look good on me!


  2. Did I just hear "red and purple"??? Out of YOUR mouth??? In the SAME SENTENCE???? I must be dreaming. =)

    But PLEASE don't cover up the beautiful braided detail of the first dress with a belt (although you KNOW I am all FOR the boots and funky jewelry).

    HOWEVER...your husband might freak on another pair of "go-go" boots =) But *I* love them...and you know that's what REALLY matters =)

    HAHAHA!!! Can't wait till SATURDAY!!!! Woohoo GIRLS DAY!

  3. I love random colors together - especially red and purple! And I absolutley love those boots!!!

  4. I am so going to, I don't know, rob a bank or something. Those boots are fan.tastic.

  5. Being a brunette I can't wear jewel tones!!!!! I would, however, make an exception if that coat were hanging in my closet...stunning!!!!!
    Good having you back at bible study. You were missed:)

  6. My pear shaped dark brunette me is in need of that first dress! And the coat. Yes the boots as well please!

  7. Beautiful finds! (Well, maybe except the coat...doesn't do it for me, personally.) Really love the first dress,....WISH I could wear strapless sometimes....those boots are indeed KICKIN'!!

  8. I'm drooling over these items as well. So wish I could go on a shopping spree. I think everyone should be able to go on What Not To Wear just to get a new $5000 wardrobe. Now wouldn't that be awesome!!


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