Thursday, March 31, 2011

Vacuuming up a Sock and other equally STUNNING information...

Why, hello blog! Sad little neglected blog.

Don't got it lately. The 'it' being the bloggy mojo. Well, lets keep it real, shall we?

I'll just gab and pretend someones listening.

I just vacuumed up a sock. Awesome.

Lil Chick clomped her way from one end to the other of our wood floor wearing her dried-on mud winter boots. More than once... more than a few days ago. OK, a week. (Dontcha just LOVE those cute little shoe/boot tread shaped clumps of dirt? SO can be all CSI and track the criminal down.)

So I hauled out the vaccuum and hoses and such and got to work. (OK, who am I kidding, my central vac attachements and tube are ALWAYS out. Unless I'm hosting a party, our bible study group or my Grandma is coming over. True story.)

Vaccuumed up the boots tread dirt clumps, vacuumed up all the hair from Bubbalu's haircut (Yes, I moonlight as a barber, didn't ya know? However, I only know one haircut and I'm WAY too expensive so don't even ask. Unless you come bearing coffee giftcards. I may be willing to negotiate.)

Flung the vaccuum over too quickly and SCHLLOOOOOP! the brown sock is gone. Of course, its one of Bubbalu's brand new, just ripped the plastic thingies off (DANG how many little plastic thingies does one pair of socks need?), worn once socks. Why couldn't it have been one of the old ones? (You know, the ones with huge holes in the big toe area that you can just switch to the other foot for awhile...until there are TWO huge holes in each sock....then you just tell em to suck it up and wiggle their toes if it feels wierd. They you pray that they won't go to a friend's house that requires all shoes off at the front door, thereby brandishing the less-than perfect socks...and revealing that Mama doesn't have it all together. I've got a pretty good Shoe Policy Awareness Sock Rotation going on but sometimes I flub. Yeah, those ones.)

Granted, they are a one dollar pair of socks, so really its just a 50 cent mistake. (Nothing at all like shattering one of a kind antiques.)

And really now, I could go out to the garage, open the vaccuum canister and retrieve the stupid sock but that would mean I'd have to get off the couch. And that would make my chocolate chips lonely.

Nobody wants lonely chocolate chips.

There you go. Keeping in real...


Why yes, I AM on Facebook, are you?! C'mon over and say hi!


  1. you are just way to dang funny & witty. Way to keep it real girl.

  2. Even when you don't think you got really do ;)

  3. Nobody likes lonely queso either... just sayin.

  4. Of course people are listening silly!


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