Monday, May 16, 2011


When you get the brilliant idea to offer straws to your kids to drink their tomato soup instead of using a spoon, just ignore it.

Trust me.

Maybe I need to drink another, pot of coffee because obviously my brain is not on.

OR, maybe the paint fumes have finally gotten to me. Yup, I have another painting project going on. Another room that will be transformed so it feels more like ME. That better serves our family and our ( great organizational needs.

Translation: I'm slightly messy. I have issues with organization. I LOVE the look and concepts, and drool over pictures of organized, compartmentalized, sorted and labeled storage areas. I just can't get it there. There's a major mental roadblock. Really, I need to call my sister, offer her a mocha in exchange for whipping our room into shape.

I have the mess + she has the ability( Hot Venti Mocha) = DUH. Right?

Becca, seriously, I need ya girl...


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  1. hahahahahaaha....too funny! I see you are using the straws from us? Glad we could help contribute to the disaster! :)

  2. Your lucky those curtains aren't stained girl!!!! Get a bigger coffee pot - that 4 cupper ain't doin' the trick! =D

  3. Bad idea, good for a laugh! Looking at it from a crafty point of view orange dots on white walls could be funky? No? :-D


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