Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Broken Mirror to Fake Transom...and a Doubtful TjMaxx Dude...

Awhile back while pursuing the aisles of TjMaxx I came across this:

It was in the clearance aisle....AKA Amanda's Playground.

Don't remember how much. I think $6 ish.

Brought it to the register. Dude looks at me with a "are you some kind of stupid?" look on his face and says, "uh, you DO know it's broken, right?"

I smiled, "yup!"

He raised his eyebrows, sighed and finished ringing up my purchases.

I find it strangely hilarious knowing he will forever wonder about the crazy lady who purchased a broken mirror.

Maybe he will one day come across this post.

While wearing thick work gloves I carefully took the broken mirror out and tossed it.

Spray Prime

Spray Paint

Wipe on glaze mixed with dark brown paint.

Wipe it off

Wipe it on

Wipe it off get the idea....

You end up with a nicely aged finish in the seams and edges. PERFECT.

Check it out, a fake transom above my double sliding glass door:

SO much better than a dingy gold cracked mirror:

Before n After:

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Dear Doubtful TjMaxx Dude,

Didn't see that one coming, didya?

:) Amanda

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  1. Brilliant!! Oh, that was redundant....okay....stunning!

  2. Nice! Now can you show us where you will be putting it in your house? You are so creative!

  3. Cute! I think you need to bring some of your creativity to my house and decorate for me. I think I got passed over in the home decorating creativity area so most of my house is in pretty sad shape. (Plus 4 kids doesn't allow me much time to even think of stuff much less get it done!)


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