Monday, June 20, 2011

Twitchy Labeling Fingers...

I FINALLY purchased a label maker.

SO. Stinkin. EXCITED.

My handwriting development hit a roadblock in 2nd grade and…well…I hate my handwriting. It’s not purty.

Also? When I crashed into that roadblock way back when I also suffered permanent damage to the organizational section of my brain.

However, despite how organizationally and penmanshipally (yes that is a word) challenged I am I crave order and perfection in my house.

Yep, that's a problem.

I decided to fight my own character and bring some order into my usually disorganized and messy home.

Step #1. Everything Must Have A Place.

Enter the label maker:

Brother P-Touch. Costco. Best price! (Duh)

First, I read the entire informational pamphlet, including what will happen if I drop it into a bucket of water and how to properly dispose of used batteries.

Then, I burned through two full tape cartridges in FOUR DAYS. Yup. Major labeling OCD over here. I barely restrained myself from labeling my children. (FYI, buy a 4 pack of label cartridges at Costco. Seriously. Super duper good deal, best I found.)

Newly Labeled Organized Goodness:

* 4 under bed bins of all things related to wrapping and giving presents
* 2 purged and completely redesigned and reorganized file cabinets (only took me two full days, but whatever)

Gave myself a gold star :)

*Kiddos dresser contents. Really ladies, this is brilliance. Now my hubby will never say "I have NO idea where you keep the kids' shorts/undies/tshirts/swimsuit/socks/pants/hats/jeans!? You'll have to go and get it yourself". See? Brilliance!

(to be fair, Lance is an excellent hubby and daddy and doesn't shy away from helping with the house or kids :)

*Batteries. If you have been around me the past four days I have probably blabbed on and on about my newly compartmentalized and labeled battery organization. And my Asics GT2150's that I found for a smokin' deal at TjMaxx. I am SUCH a nerd:

Inspiration photo found here.

*All TOYS. Goodness gracious it felt good to get toys in bins!

Think they will STAY in bins? Yup, me neither. But ya gotta try, right?

I've got a few other hundred ideas and inspiration photos to attack my home, but I feel like I've made a huge dent.

Next huge project will be the bonus/craft/sewing room. That may take a few MONTHS :) I feel like I've gotta get it organized and running well before my fall/winter/holiday Etsy rush. It will make an already busy and chaotic season a bit less stressful.

Ok, I need MORE ideas! I've got twitchy labeling fingers. What else should I label?


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  1. I need me one of those! I too would probably go OCD, lol. I actually LOVE organizing things...yes, weird I know. Kinda looking forward to this week of getting ready for a garage sale...purge and organize! :)

  2. I love this!!!!! I want to get the Daimo one so it has a 2D feel to it :D

  3. Kitchen when you are sick and someone offers to clean your house, they know exactly where to put your dishes, mugs, and cheese grater! =)


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