Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Poo Whisperer...

My Hubby called me a poo whisperer this morning.

Before I'd even finished my 4 cup pot of coffee.

I can't wait to add it to my resume. If I ever do go back to being employed outside our messy home I wonder if under special talents and skills POO WHISPERER will net me a job.

Granted, I'm an RN, so poo DOES come with the job. Especially in Labor and Delivery.

...From the BABIES! Sheesh, where did your mind go?

(Let's just close that side subject, shall we?)

We are freshly back from a family camping trip and my hair still smells like a campfire, despite three shampoo scrubdowns.

On this camping trip my Lil Chick was amazingly, well, productive in the poo department. My Hubby marveled at how quickly I could tell she needed a diaper change.

As in immediately. Or two seconds after if I was lagging a bit.

What can I say? I've got some serious poo detecting skilz.

We are taking a breather on the potty training for a while....mostly because while she can stay dry all stinkin day long, the poo is the problem.

And in my book if it's the poo that's the problem, we are gonna TAKE. A. BREAK.

Cause this Mama is sick n tired of scrubbing poo out of princess underwear. The potty I can deal with, it's no biggie. After all, it IS sterile, right? The poo? Disgustingness.

Also, we are going on another extended camping trip soon and Potty Training + Camping = Stressed out Mama.

I've done potty training while camping before. It didn't end well. We earned the #1 Trashiest Campsite award.

This camping trip is supposed to be fun and relaxing, full of laying in the sunshine, swimming (floating really) in the lake and consuming massive amounts of chocolate.

So while I AM the Poo Whisperer, we are taking an extended potty training break...


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  1. Cracking up over this clever new term that describes a mothers blood hound skills... :) Love it.

  2. Ha! My husband used to call me the poopy whisperer. I thought I was the only one. Yay for super sniffers... although I'd much rather be sniffing cinnamon apple pie rather than... yeah... :(


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