Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Vintage Xbox for Four (and a HALF) year olds...

Being that is was another cold Washington Summer Weather 2011 day, the kiddos were getting bored being stuck inside the house. Again. (and I may have been going slightly bonkers).

Having been introduced to the wonderful world that is video gaming by my boy cousins at a recent family dinner, I hauled out our old school Xbox to show Bubbalu how it's done.

A. When I say old school, I mean it. The date promter started at '01. Which made me giggle. Just think, only 9 more years and it's eligible to be sold as Vintage on etsy!

B. Bubbalu is a better Rallysport driver than I am. Embarassing. Being showed up by a 4 (and a HALF! he always insists) year old. Huh, all those days growing up playing Wolfenstein on our PC didn't teach me anything!?

C. Should I teach him DanceDance Revolution? That'd be some serious hilarity. And an effective energy burner....hmmm. (...Runs off to find DDR dance mat....).

D. I need to unearth some older Xbox kids games. Anyone willing to donate some old castoff games to the "Amanda needs to clean her house and keep her sanity" fund?

Happy gaming!


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  1. We started our now-7 year old on the Gamecube with a Cars game. It got me through the first few months of his sister's life. He also likes Super Smash brothers on the N64. The controllers are slowly breaking and soon we'll have to be up-do-date or something . . . We've been Nintendo folks for years so I can't contribute to the kids game request . . . although I find the Lego games (Wii) obsessively fun and think it counts as "quality time" with my son. ha.

  2. LOL! My kids have been playing with our old Super Nintendo. We've got a WII, but they keep playing the old Donkey Kong games and it's HILARIOUS to watch two little boys play fighting dinosaurs. (Probably a good thing we lost Killer Instinct, huh?)

    I've had good luck finding games at the thrift store for $3. It's a gamble whether or not they'll work, but considering what those things used to cost new (and can still cost at Game Crazy) I figure it's worth a shot now and then.


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