Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hot Fudge and My Knight in Shining Dental Loupes...

Yep, it's been quiet around this ole blog. Our annual fair is going on this week which makes the entire town go nutso for the entire seven days.

OK, not the entire town. But really, it's noticable. Especially in a town where rush hour is three cars lined up at a red light.

I'm also fighting a bad cold. No, absolutely NO nose sniffling! An immediate red flag goes up and a flashing neon sign spelling WARNING! WARNING! in bright red letters appears in my brain due to the dangerous and rapid increase in intracranial pressure.

My Knight in shining dental Loupes came home from work and whisked the children off to have dinner out and leave me to rest and relax in peace. Glorious. Wonderfully healing, I tell ya.

I miss craftin... and sewing.... and doing crazy projects that makes a huge mess but ends in something beautiful.

I blame pinterest.

Or rather, I blame my obsession with pinterest. It's too fun!

So, yes, I miss craftin. So I just hauled out all my girly bow n ribbon thingymajigs to make a requested hair clippy for a dear friends' daughter. She's a cutie patootie. My friend Trisha AND her cutie patootie daughter.

Hubby just brought me home a steak salad and lots of extra uneaten kid meal items from the restaurant (Nuthouse for you locals).

Not sure what I'm more excited about, the steak salad or the kiddie food :) Can anyone relate?

I've got a movie started on my laptop, ('New in Town'), good food, fun crafties, a hubby giving me free time and two jars of Smuckers special recipe hot fudge in the fridge (microwave, spoon, mouth. In that order).

Life is good. I'll kick this cold in NO time living like this!


p.s. Tomorrow I'll show you what the FedEx truck brought to my door today. I'm oohing and aahing in between my hacking and coughing...


  1. Awwww, c'mon! Don't leave us hangin' like that - that means we have to come back tomorrow to find out!! ;-)

  2. I know "New in Town" didn't do well in theaters, but it's one of our favorite movies. My husband laughs out loud at it.


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