Thursday, August 4, 2011

New Infinity Scarf Patterns...

Ready to start your Christmas shopping?! What? Don't you want to be reminded that it's only FOUR months away? Shop early and stop stressing.

Didja know? I am able to ship orders directly to a gift recipient with a small note included. Handy, right? Eliminates the middle man...that'd be YOU.

Brand new fabrics available in the shop right NOW:Pin It
Nautical Navy Narrow Striped Infinity Scarf

Pin It
Classic Black and White Cheetah Flannel

Pin It
Purple and Pink Lightweight Madras Plaid

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Silky Zebra Print

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Autumn Flora Print Narrow Infinity Scarf


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  1. So I was in Old Navy yesterday and thought of you. I saw their selection of infinity scarves and was like, "Hmmph, Vintage Dutch Girl invented these way before you did" :)
    Love em!


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