Tuesday, August 23, 2011

No Fear? No Problem...

Yesterday we started up one last round of daily swim lessons before preschool starts up again.

It helps Bubbalu learn how to swim (duh) and helps keep his huge bucket-sized need of social interaction and physical activity partially filled. MUCH more full than can be accomplished sitting at home with a boring Mama and a sister to torment.

This kid has no fear. As I've said before, I've always wanted his swimming instructors to scare him a bit, to help him develop a healthy sense of fear for water.

NEVER works.

Hence the need for LOTS of swim lessons so we know he will be safer when he is around water.

This lack of fear was proved again at our local fair where he rode as many rides as his height would allow, the faster and scarier the better. Oy.

This is our first lessons at this local pool for Bubbalu. It's actually where I learned how to swim. Great memories! After a swim lesson is done, all students get a chance to go down the really tall (for a 4 yr old) slide or jump off the diving board.

Of course there was no hesitation from our thrill-seeker.

Grabbed my phone JUST in time to snap this pic of Bubbalu shooting off the end of the slide with a look of absolute glee on his face:

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Makes me laugh EVERY. SINGLE. TIME I look at it :)

Off to rinse out his swim stuff...


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  1. I WISH my oldest would have half of that zest for a thrill! I'm planning on getting him into swim lessons so that he will at the very least be a little more comfortable in the water. My second little monster, however, is the same way as yours. If it is possible he will attempt it.

    That picture is priceless, by the way. Love it.

  2. Ha ha ha - love it! :) Wish I could've got a pic (maybe mom did?) of my B going down headfirst - that girl - scared me every time! :) We *loved* our swim lessons with this teacher! :) Enjoy!


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