Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Real Simple New Uses for Old Things...Vintage Dutch Girl Style

Old Thing: Skooshy, much loved pink dolly.
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New Use: Toddler neck support travel pillow system.
Directions: Fold in half, shove between toddler's head and side of carseat. Perfecto!

Old Thing: Iphone/Ipod Charger

New Use: Mommy refocusing (via distraction elimination) tool.
Directions: Leave scissors and charger in a room with a 4 yr old.

Old Thing: Chip Clip
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New Use: Burrito Stabilization aid.
Directions: Open clip, attach to end of leaky burrito.

Old Thing: Thick Parmesan Cheese Ceasar salad garnish.

New Use: Dinner Entertainment....FREE!
Directions: Open mouth, insert cheese. Laugh.

Old Thing: Feminine Hygienic Liner.
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New Use: 4 yr old foot bandaids!
Directions: Leave 4 yr old unattended in bathroom. That's all it takes.


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  1. This is awesome! The last one literally made me laugh out loud! But, I thoroughly enjoyed the burrito one, too, and will be using it. Ahem.

  2. All funny (sorry about the charger).....but that burritto clip? That is genius!

  3. Ha! You have one feisty 4 year old :)

  4. I will totally be using the burrito clip idea. You gotta market that one!! And it is really amazing what a 4 year old can make out of household items.


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