Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Nursing Care Plan on Momma Stress…

My Mothering has taken a hit. Meaning, as a Mom, I feel hit. Beaten down psychologically, so to speak. Parenting a strong willed child...the hardest task I've ever had in my life.

I'm actually starting to implement some stress relief techniques to help me freak out a bit less. I can do a nursing plan on relieving stress, wanna see it?


Assess: Huh, the Momma's tearing her hair out and has a wild look in her bloodshot eyes.

Diagnose: The Momma is too stressed

Plan: We are going to lower some stress with calming techniques, more rest, some Momma breaks, choosing your battles and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

Implement: Do all that stuff in the Plan.

Evaluate: Is Momma less stressed? Getting there slowly but surely.


See? Don't have that RN license for nothing. Putting it to excellent use.



  1. As a fellow mama of a strong willed (and sneaky) child, I feel your pain. I might implement your care plan here, although I'm substituting the cookies for coffee and knitting.

  2. Hang in there...it does get better/worse. The battles change, the intellectual capacity increases, and you still feel like banging your head on the wall. At least the potty training worked. :)

  3. I know the feeling. All three of my boys are very strong willed little monsters. On the bright side, more than likely they got it from you and just think of how much more likely they are to be very successful adults because of it. Then.... Lock yourself in the bathroom, scream, count to ten, and have them play the "Be A" game. When my little ones are running crazy and rebelling with all of their might, I just start randomly yelling out, "Be a log floating down a river" or "Be a tree!" They will get excited and stand as still as they can trying to be what I yell out. I get a few seconds of them standing still and being quiet, and they think they're playing a game! It's a win win!

  4. I was totally making those cookies today too! Must be something in the air. I might suggest adding 'a weekend away with your husband' to your plan. I just had one, and I have to say it did wonders for my Mama stress level.

  5. if you're not a stressed mom-your lying. who isn't!!!??? cuz, where i'm standing, every.single. mother in my life, is stressing out about something. come on admit it, we thrive on it. it's what makes us flexible, crazy in the head, fun (we're fun moms), & sometimes the stress that you speak of can also cause one to drink more glasses of wine that they had anticipated. in spite of it all, this crazy life is a charmed life. wouldn't you agree?

    you're a great mom!! hang in babe.

  6. You just let me know if you want some help implementing your plan! :)

  7. Totally getting this post. In a major way.

    On a slightly seperate note, I've been trying to decide what to do with my RN license since I haven't used it in several years. I've been keeping it on active status (just in case). Are you keeping yours active, or inactive, or....?? I worked so hard for that piece of paper, I don't want to lose it, ya know?

  8. Lol, I've seen a lot of care plans in the last five years and that one is definitely the best!


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