Thursday, October 13, 2011

Exclusive to Ruffles & Rust...

New products exclusive to the show!

Lots of sassy n sophisticated flower pins and headbands:

Boxes and boxes of infinity scarves, with new fabrics:

Pretties for your ears:

Remember this lace accented fleece infinity scarf?

Well. Let me tell ya, you'll have a barrel full of different color options:

(this is just a sampling...many more packed away in those boxes pictured above!)

Off to create more, drink coffee, price, organize my booth (which is currently set up in my living room) and eat hot fudge.

Outta the jar.

With a spoon.

Heated up first, of course. I'm not a barbarian.


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  1. Love it!!! So very excited for you. I am thrilled to see how your show goes.

  2. How awesome! I have to say... I am a tad bit jealous that I won't be able to attent this show you have been setting up for....


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