Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Last Day…

So, I'm eating Macaroni and Cheese out of a mug with a serving spoon.

Our dishes are so backed up it's all I had left.

Remember that episode of Friends where Ross dates the messy girl? While they are making out on the couch he sees a potato chip bag rustling and pounds it with a tennis racket….turning out to be rat? Yeah, that episode.

That's my house. Minus the rat. ( Hopefully. )

And switch out the potato chip bag for a pita chip bag. LOVE those things. Great to use instead of croutons.

And I'm not dating a Paleontologist named Ross.


The moral of this story is that despite living in a cluttered trash heap I am READY. FOR. THE. SHOW. Phew!

(Ya know, the show being the thing I've been talking and talking and talking about the past month.)

Even with a last-minute trip to JoAnns to grab one more cut of fabric….and seeing five others that I couldn't pass up and just HAD to get them sewn up into scarves for the show. Two days before I have to leave. Yep, including those.

It really should be crafters law: Thou shalt NOT go into any fabric or craft store the week of your show.

Too much temptation. Too many ideas, too little time!

I am so excited about my booth, it turned out just how I wanted it to. A mish mash of vintage furniture and shutters, lots of interesting nooks and crannies, a chandelier, hooks and containers….. and of course, Quinny. (My pin striped Mannequin). Quite an eclectic mix. And yet throwing it all together just seemed to WORK. Think vintage glam meets rustic country. Lace, burlap, silverware hooks, weathered wood, blue Ball jars, crystals, chicken wire, sparkle, canvas, ticking, silver etc etc etc. SO much fun.

Hope to see some of your smiling faces there!

Amanda - VintageDutchGirl


  1. Ohhhh, I sooooo want to gooooo! Did you hear the whine in that statement??? Okay, the go part looks like I'm saying "goo"...but you get the idea, right?? I really wish I could. You'll be great. So excited for you! :)

  2. Photo please!!?? I would love to see your booth but can't come. So excited for your amazing weekend!


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