Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mojo. Heritage. RV Upholstery. Yup, hold on to your socks...

Schneikees, I've been neglecting this blog. Again.

I've thought about taking a permanent break on this blogging thingymajig because you can't really predict if you've got the bloggy mojo or not.

And that mojo has been sparse this year. Sparse, I tell ya.

It tends to show up when I'm adequately rested, fed, exercised, and all is right in my parenting world.

Um, yeah. That's not often.

However, I like this thing.  I like just blurting out whatever I want to blurt out.

I can talk about my kids. Or shopping. Or parenting failures. Or parenting successes. Or crafting and sewing (LOVE). Or DIY. Or decorating. Or Pinterest. Or cooking.

It's just my slice of life. And in the end? I'm blogging for my family. I hope my kiddos can look back on what I wrote and (aside from immense guilt at the potty training torture they put me through) feel like they really get me. Like they really know me.

And in the end that's all that matters. Not fortune or fame or any worldly possession or accolade. It's all about the heritage of our family.

Whoa. Didn't mean to get so deep there.  Quick, let's change the subject before I bawl all over the keyboard.

So, what's new with you?  Are all three of you still here?

Our latest news: We finally bought a travel trailer, YAY!  We are a family seriously in love with camping. Er....I mean GLAMping. Heh.  My hotel on wheels isn't exactly "roughing it".  I don't care if you are sleeping on the ground in your shirt or are in a huge deluxe RV, it is an awesome way to build family memories and have some fun. Once again, our family heritage had a huge influence on our love of camping...{sniff!}...We both grew up in camping families and have multiple camping trips planned this summer.  Often with the, often with BOTH sets of the grandparents! Oh its just SO lovely when your parents and in-laws are friends :)

Anywho, back to the travel trailer:

Guess what? I tore the entire thing apart and sassified it.

Yep, it was a brand new trailer.

Yep, I tore it apart.

What can I say, my hubby loves me (and deeply trusts me too, I guess!). And he gets me. He knows this kind of creative project breathes joy and life into my soul.

So, I'm a thinking I should show you my huge six week project of sassifying our new travel trailer. Yes? Yes.

See you soon. I think. Maybe. We'll see... 

Amanda - VintageDutchGirl

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  1. And we like it when you blurt out things! Seriously, my daughter blogs for her family and it is a great record of their adventures. Her hubby had the first three years printed in a book - cool huh?

  2. yes, keep it up and I would love to see the travel trailer pics! ps- that's my mom above. so there are 2 out of at least 3 of your loyal readers. :)

  3. Maybe I can't wait for the pictures....maybe I'll just walk over and see for myself :D

  4. I can't WAIT to see before and after pictures of the the trailer!!! I am sure you chose amazing colors and patterns. :)Diane
    PS...I miss you!!!!! I think of you often and had to hop on over here to see what you're up to :)

  5. So excited to see pics of your new trailer! I've always hoped to do this someday. You're a brave, brave woman.


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