Wednesday, November 28, 2007

O tannenbaum, you annoying thing you!

Have you ever popped out all the light bulbs on a colored light pre-lit Christmas tree and tried to replace them with white light bulbs? Well, I have. And yes, I do mean TRIED. As in, it did NOT work.

I was slightly upset.

So, I then proceeded to rip off the entire strands of colored lights on the tree. I had an unlit, misshapen and smashed tree, not shining with Christmas cheer. I was a bit depressed about the whole thing, especially since this all happened over a 3 day period.

Also, I didn't want Lance to be proven right. Let's just say he wasn't exactly supportive of my endeavor.

But anyways...

So, off to the store to buy more lights. Put them on the tree.... a bit of cheer.

Put new green, silver and white ornaments on....a bit more cheer.

Turn off the lights in the house and plug in the tree?..... Perfect Christmas cheer :)


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  1. Bwah ha ha! Read my latest... I even mention you! :)


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