About Me

Hi, I'm Amanda AKA the Vintage Dutch Girl.
Welcome to a slice of my life.

Why Vintage Dutch Girl?

Just because, that's why....
  • I am Dutch by heritage
  • I am of the female variety...meaning I'm a girl
  • I love me some garage sales and thrift stores
  • I also love crafting in all ways, especially if that means shirking housework
  • Finding new uses for older things appeals to me
  • I am also rather "vintage" in my values as well
I am a (currently Retired OB RN) stay at home Mama to three little ones. My boy is Bubbalu, and is 9, my middle gal is Lil Chick is 7, and our littlest gal is Pipsqeak, age 2. Their day to day care and antics keep me running like a headless chicken.  Ever since I was a young child I have felt a pull towards creative arts. Everything from painting, sewing, sculpting, printing, crocheting, building, designing...pretty much everything. I opened the Vintage Dutch Girl Etsy shop in October of 2009 to allow me a place to indulge those creative instincts. I have always had a passion for creating beautiful things and my Vintage Dutch Girl Etsy shop allows me to fuel this passion on a near daily basis. Currently, that passion is being poured out into sewing beautiful infinity scarves and maxi skirts. Sitting at my sewing desk in my studio working with gorgeous fabric makes me smile. I hope some of my creations can make you smile too. As for other areas of life I de-stress by exercising but indulge in chocolate and lattes. I unwind by watching girly movies but can bring it when playing Settlers or Trivial Pursuit. And don't challenge me to Mad Gab...you WILL lose. I'm a music junkie loving everything from praise and worship to bluegrass to pop! Sudoku keeps me sane and coffee keeps me energized. I read anything I can get my hands on. I blog for cheap therapy and sew to release my inner craftyness. My husband treats me like the queen of his palace, he is the king of my dreams. My kids keep me young and my faith keeps me grounded. This is a slice of my life.

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