Thursday, January 4, 2024

Upcoming Valentine's day for Silly Geese who love Coffee? It's You, Hi, You're the problem...

    Christmas lights back in a tote all jumbled in a ball, tree packed away, house getting back into order.

Or maybe none of the above because you've been fighting a yucky crud for the past 3 weeks? Just me? If you see my immune system wandering around out in the wild looking confused please direct it home. I miss it.

Looking forward to the next big holiday, Valentine's Day! Of course, I had to take a fun farm themed approach here.  A line of silly geese decked out in heart themed apparel?  Check:

If you are a silly festive goose you might just love this tee.  It is made of a super comfy and stretchy jersey knit, great for casual wear or layer it with a cute pink themed outfit on as shown above.

Also...if you LOVE a silly festive goose I suggest this tshirt as the perfect present to show your love. Matchy matchy is the ultimate lovey dovey proof of a relationship I've ever seen:


OK, maybe that it a wee bit too THEME for you.  Maybe you would prefer a simple normal style that can be used year round AND for the Valentine's red and pink general color scheme season:

1. MAMA Hoodie Sweatshirt

2. MAMA Crewneck Sweatshirt

3. MAMA Red plaid tshirt

Another multi season design that can work year round is this cute multicolored I Heart Coffee tee, hoodie, and sweatshirt:

1. I Heart Coffee Hooded Sweatshirt

2. I Heart Coffee Crewneck Sweatshirt

3. I Heart Coffee Tshirt

Alright. Now maybe you just aren't so particularly fond of this upcoming holiday because you've recently gotten out of a difficult or damaging relationship. I haven't left you out!  Here you go: It's You, Hi, You're the Problem, It's YOU:

This is a change up and play on words from the lyrics of a popular song 'Anti-Hero' by Taylor Swift.

So whether or not you are celebrating this upcoming Valentine's Day, remember:

💗YOU are Loved 💗

Amanda - VintageDutchGirl

Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Monster Trucks for my little guy...

        My little guy LOVES trucks, trains, cars, construction vehicles, and airplanes.  However, monster trucks hold a special place in his heart!  So I asked him to help me and we came up with "the cooooolest monster truck, Mom!" design for him.   It's reminiscent of retro throwback monster trucks, similar to the iconic 'Bigfoot' from 1979.

My little guy happily goes to school multiple days a week wearing his monster truck hooded sweatshirt.  He got it in black because he is an outdoorsy boy and white won't stay white long!

Vintage Dutch Girl Etsy Monster Truck Youth Hoodie:


Since we just loved it so much we went from there to create a patterned Monster Truck Sherpa Blanket available in multiple sizes:


And then decided to REALLY have some fun.

So we created a Custom Monster Truck Velveteen Blanket that you can get personalized for your favorite monster truck enthusiast!  You can choose your custom name (up to 12 characters) upon checkout:


Cool, huh!?   What kid doesn't want their name on their blanket!? 


Then, as you've likely already spotted, there is the coordinating Monster Truck Broadcloth Decorative Throw Pillow:

Now, if you just are looking for something a little bit simpler, I did make available a classic unisex fit t shirt in a variety of colors.

Monster Truck Youth T Shirt:

We also made available a classic crew neck unisex sweatshirt.

VintageDutchGirl Etsy Monster Truck Youth Sweatshirt:

So there you have it. From one little boy a whole bunch of fun items from clothing to bedroom decor to cozy blankets!  Such a helpful lil dude he is :)


Friday, December 1, 2023

Today is a good day to be kind...

 Today is a good day to be kind.

    Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about.  Much of what happens to us actually has nothing to do with us. What do I mean?  How someone chooses to treat you says everything about their character and nothing about yours. Their behavior isn't personal.  So. That gives us permission to stop taking things personally.  It is an incredibly freeing perspective shift.

    Does that mean we have no responsibility here? No. It goes both ways. How YOU treat others says everything about YOUR character.  Choose to continue acting purposefully in a way that is God honoring and is in line with your character.  What is that called??? INTEGRITY. 

New today in the Vintage Dutch Girl Etsy Shop is this new graphic design to remind ourselves and others to act in accordance with our character:






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