Thursday, December 6, 2007

Tannenbaum take 2

Well, I redecorated my tree again. Oh yes I did. I had to redo it now that we are in a new apartment.


Oh, you didn't know we moved? Yeah, we did.

Well, early Monday morning we woke to flooding in our apartment. Early meaning 2 am. So, we did the whole try to protect your belongings thing. We diverted water any way we could think of: sweeping with a broom, makeshift sandbags, scooping it up with a dustpan, digging trenches, blocking flow with towels and bailing with buckets and garbage pails.

Oh yeah, did I say that water is COLD in December? And, I was wearing sandals.

So, Monday afternoon through last evening we moved to a new apartment. I am happy to report that the only opening was for a 3 bedroom apartment, so we have been upgraded! God continues to bless us. Sometimes we just need to trust God a bit more.

Me? I was thinking at 4 am Monday that this was a horrible, sucky thing to have happen, what with Lance taking his boards next week and Jude's b-day party on Saturday. Now, I see God's plan to move us to a new apartment that suits us just fine!

Of course, what are we without family, church and friends? We couldn't have done it without them. Help came in many forms: providing meals, prayers for our well-being, phone calls and emails of support, watching the baby and the work of many hands helping to move us.

Thank-you doesn't seem like enough to say...


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  1. Add some pics of your gloriously, oh-so-carefully decorated (and re-decorated) tree! :)


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