Friday, January 25, 2008

How I Order at Starbucks

First, I decide I want (I mean NEED) a Starbucks addition to my day. Usually I need a Starbucks addition when I am out & about, shopping or running errands, and usually with friends or family. I prefer to consume coffee with those who will support and encourage me in all of my endeavors.

Where I live I happen to have 3 Starbucks in my backyard. Options are always nice.

The main one is usually quite busy, being that it is a 24 hour store. It is comforting to know I could pop in there any time of day or night for a jolt. Because I HAVE been known to be up and about at all hours of the night. Ok, I’ve been there once after 11pm with my Mom to sit and chat. Wild and crazy, that’s me. Students usually have that place crowded and tend to stare a bit at a non-college Mommy with a SUV stroller.

Starbucks #2 is in Barnes & Noble in their Mezzanine section. I have never been to this one, although I could see using it in the future if Mama just NEEDS. A. BREAK.

Starbucks #3 is a smaller store and is usually my store of choice. It is stroller friendly, and they remember Jude’s name, and my order (is that a BAD thing? I mean, that they remember me? Am I THAT notorious?) I did have to avoid it for a good 3 months while I waited for a new barista to be trained. I deferred to Starbucks #1 during that time of leave. I can report the aforementioned barista is now an excellent maker of mochas.

I happen to have a rather complicated order. It varies day to day, depending on how busy the store is, how crabby I am, or who I'm with (I don't want to scare them). My preferred order is:

Venti (Decaf after 2pm) 2%, 6 pump chocolate, 3 pump Peppermint (yes, year round) no whip, extra hot, well stirred Mocha…..Please.


I also try to smile REALLY big while I order, and sometimes I say that I am just testing them.

But hey, it’s an expensive drink, I should get what I want. It is pretty sad that all of the little squares on the cup/sleeve are filled in AND they have to write on the cup as well. I used to give a specific degree, but I thought it was pushing it a leetle too far.

At least I'm not like SOMEONE I KNOW who happens to ask for a specific number of ice chips in her iced mocha drink :) Yeah, you know who you are, and I KNOW you read my blog :)

So, what about everyone else? What's your order?


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  1. Skim Chai Tea Latte for me. I don't do coffee so I am an easy order. vintage dutch...I live in Dutch land. ARe you from West Michigan by chance?


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