Monday, February 25, 2008

Continuing on the quest of firsts...

  1. Complete Lack Of Fear: This is demonstrated by his willingness to throw himself headfirst down a barrel-tube slide, assuming Mama will be spry enough to launch herself and manage to catch him at the last second, sparing his precious brain from playground damage.

  2. Awakening Of the Hunter: This is demonstrated by his eagerness to chase all sorts of birds and look at them in disgust at they fly away to safety. This first paired with the first first (does that make sense to anyone else? Or is it just me?) makes for some dangerous situations... meaning running into the street after shy birds

  3. Strategy Gamer: Ok, so he doesn't use much strategy, but he IS playing peekaboo and hide-and-seek with vigor. The closet holds a special fascination for him: sliding doors, stacked shoes, and hangers oh my!

  4. Super shopper: Mama actually lets me OUT of the stroller to wander about the store and get into things. I did, however, have a slight meltdown in Land of Nod the other day cause Mama wouldn't buy me the cute new bed set and puppet tent that I wanted. Sheesh, what a tightwad.

  5. Dirt Tracks: Bubbalu has been walking outside everyday, which means he has dirty shoes. Sounds kinda boring, but it struck me that of all the shoes he has owned and worn, these are the first that have become muddy. This is the start of a very messy relationship. I can foresee tide with bleach in my future.

  6. Moses supposes erroneously: (if you can identify where that line comes from, you are my friend for life: Shout it out in the comments) Jude can identify his toes! Hee hee, I am such a nerdy mom. Doesn't take much to thrill me.

  7. Budding Artist: At Land of Nod (hmmm, we spend a lot of time there) Jude used his first crayon on the art table. Alas, I did not save the masterpiece.
So you see, the firstlings a pace that I can't quite keep up with.



  1. Why, isn't that from Singing in the Rain???

    (Thank you google search.)

  2. Cheater :( - Besides, you should know that one!


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