Thursday, February 21, 2008

Jeans of Perfection Svelteness

I have been on a Jeans Of Perfection quest for quite awhile. I tend to have a difficult time finding jeans, being that I am oddly shaped. No, I am not some freakazoid, I'm just pear shaped. Anybody have the "gap at the back" problem like I do?

Here is my simple list of jean requirements :
  • Dark wash, but not black
  • Slight fading, but not so much it looks like I sat on a chair covered in wet white paint
  • No butt flap pockets..HELLO, don't accentuate that which you want minimized!
  • Boot-cut, trouser-style cross breed
  • Perfect length (for me that means an inch off the floor when I'm wearing heels
  • Hidden/side front pockets...once again, don't accentuate that which you want minimized
  • Slenderizing...uh...DUH
  • able to put on without lying on a bed and sucking in
  • no major butt decoration, such as logos swirly designs, etc.
  • cheap

So, with that exhaustive list in mind, I set out with my MIL and sister Joanie. First we went to the Gap ( get it? Don't want a gap in back? Go to the Gap. Ok, dumb humor, whatever. )

I tried on every single style except skinny jeans, because THIS pear shape just doesn't go there. Trends have to be at least 3ish years old before I can commit. Because that means they change from trends to style. I think... even then I still have to ask my Beautificationist if I look ok.

Ok, back to the Gap. So, my dear MIL brings me these jeans to just try on. Came out of the dressing room to looks of appreciation for my svelte figure. Heeheehee...I am NOT svelte. But, the jeans helped me look more svelte than normal. Here they are, whatddya think?

Pretty cool, huh? Here's a shot of the back pocket, and the full back shot:

And OK, they have a SLIGHT gap at the back, but they fit really well, and I feel beautiful in them, so I bought them :)

Also, they didn't quite satisfy the last requirement, which required an A-OK from the hubby, but I got them and am reveling in my Jeans of Perfection Svelteness.

Now, if only I had new shoes to wear with them......and a cool shirt too.... and maybe a new purse.... and maybe an updated haircut....and what about jewelry?

Ok, time to snap out of it and get back to the real world of wiping nose drool off my kid and doing laundry.



  1. Ahhh, the JPS standard has been met. :)

    Now tell me, how much were they(??) and if I should RUN over to Gap rightthisverysecond just so I can match you in our svelteness.

  2. Oh, and your butt looks great in these! I absolutely love it that you found a completely plain white backdrop and managed to snag some pics in the store just for the sake of your readers' desire to see just what it takes for you to reach the JPS standard.

  3. They looked great on you this sexy thang! :)

  4. Ok, here's the link:

    They are Gap Favorite Trouser Jeans in Dark wash. But, try all the new fits on, as they have some cool new cuts and styles.

    I wish upon you all Jean Fitting Perfection :)

  5. I know the fact that I need to lose 20 pounds doesn't help but I have a horrible time finding jeans.

    Congrats on the great find.

  6. I noticed that this is one of your fav posts -- it's totally MY fav post too. I read it again and felt like I was the one who wrote it! The joys of being a pear :P By the way, I'm still not talking to you until I get a tan too. Hee hee!

  7. I have these in maternity! I absolutely love them. I feel pretty in them even with an extra 25lbs!!


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