Friday, March 7, 2008

Favorite Find Friday : Measuring Tape


I know, it sounds weird, and I WILL explain. Stick with me.

I had a baby almost 15 months ago. Is it an excuse? No. Is is a reason? YES.

My body dramatically morphed in the last 2 years. ( No, I'm not a stick thin person, so lets just call me an average pear shaped woman. ) Pre-pregnancy I was running 10 miles 3 days a week, had great tone and was overall satisfied with my body. By the end of my pre-eclampsia ridden pregnancy, I was NOT thrilled with my body. It looked so different to me that it was almost alien. Who stole my body? Where did THIS one come from?

Colic didn't exactly assist with my postpartum weight loss. I made it a point to get out and walk/run, despite Bubbalu screaming the entire time. People gave me sideways concerned looks on the trail, and I would just smile. I couldn't talk to them because my baby silencing headphones were in. What they must have thought...oh well.


Despite some infant related challenges, I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight at six months. STILL... Who stole my body? Where did THIS one come from? Those of you who have had a baby understand this. Where is my muscle tone? What is with this poochy lower stomach thing? Same weight, NOT the same size. Shifted doesn't even begin to explain it. Granted, I was still breastfeeding, and I know the body holds on to some extra poundage in interesting places because of it.

OK. So measuring tape. Thought I forgot, huh?

I have always built muscle up rather quickly and would be frustrated when the scale refused to budge after weeks of diet and exercise. I started taking my measurements about four years ago and haven't stopped. I keep a notepad (I'm not telling you where) that lists the date, current weight and current measurements.

The reason I love measuring tape? I lost 8 inches in the last month...and the scale stayed the same. Clothes fit better, and I am almost bikini ready.

How to use? Keep a running list of your measurements and check monthly or quarterly.
  • Bust
  • Under Bust
  • Waist (smallest part)
  • Belly Bulge (hehehe, that's for postpartum only )
  • Hips/Behind (largest part)
  • Under Behind
  • Upper leg/Thigh (largest part)
  • Above Knee
  • Calf (largest part)
  • Upper arm
  • Forearm
No, I don't look the same as I did before pregnancy, but that's ok.

I paid a small price for a huge blessing.


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  1. I am totally with you on this post. I am on a major diet right now and only starting to feel better about my post-babies body.

    I did find, though, that my body tone (particularly the poochy tummy) continued to improve on its own for several years after having my first. Sometimes it just takes a while. So chin up!


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